Finding a DaaS provider that is meeting the expectations of cloud users fully can be a stressful undertaking. Many cloud desktop offerings on the marketplace nowadays must be looked into with caution, due to the limited capabilities of the solutions and the false promises made by the DaaS providers to reach out to more prospective customers.

Thanks to the advancement of cloud desktop technologies in recent years, we saw a big surge of interest in Desktop-as-a-Service as an outsourced IT solution. Because of its proven functionality and reliability, companies could finally capitalize on their DaaS provider’s offered features and promised benefits. The main question here is how clients know whether their vendor is trusted and they can implement high-performing cloud desktops that operate as required.

What should you look for in a DaaS provider?


Maintenance and support included


Once you start looking into different outsourced solutions by DaaS providers, free maintenance and support should be at the top of your checklist. The greatest advantage of using Desktop-as-a-Service is the skilled workforce of IT specialists you draw into your team from outside. This is why opting for a solution that has maintenance and service included in your plan is a great starting place for finding a quality DaaS provider. A large number of DaaS offerings are actually focusing on the service they provide rather than the support that clients may need down the line with using the solution. We advise you to be careful when choosing your provider since there are plenty of vendors that only provide the cloud infrastructure or the platform ‘as a service instead of a comprehensive DaaS solution with maintenance. we-IT is a trusted DaaS provider that offers you cloud desktops along with support and maintenance, round the clock.

DaaS infrastructure


Since we are talking about cloud desktop as a solution, we ought to mention the infrastructure that DaaS providers have to offer to clients. Since Desktop-as-a-Service was built to work on the cloud, the solution should run seamlessly and show no performance problems on the end-user side. Once again, as customers, you should be warned of false claims and advertising often made by DaaS providers, which they cannot justify with a low-performing infrastructure or one that is poorly managed. Thus, you should always be looking into custom-built solutions which are made for the task of provisioning desktops as a service, instead of finding a cloud vendor with multiple offerings and infrastructure that is not designed for this particular purpose.

DaaS with easy integration


DaaS providers must ensure smooth integration of all features that are offered to clients. These could be specialized software that is needed by your organization, without which you cannot function as a remote business. In many instances, the programs used are more power-intensive and they have a lot more added features. To be sure that you have found the right DaaS provider, you need to check carefully that your solution caters to your specific needs. Otherwise, you risk getting all your data migrated to serves externally and going through the whole cloud transitioning without realizing that there could be integration and compatibility issues later on.

Disaster Recovery Options by DaaS providers


With certainty, one of the most valuable features of DaaS is the disaster recovery plan that comes with the service. Having a well-managed cloud desktop solution that gives you the option to store your data safely, without risking the integrity of your information at any given point in time, is an absolute must to have with your DaaS plan. Losing data and putting your company at risk can often happen due to the lack of disaster recovery strategy in your DaaS. Cloud desktop solutions that are following the industry’s standards should offer you the option to choose a disaster recovery with your plan. This way you can have the peace of mind at all times that your information is in safe hands when stored and retrieved from cloud servers by the end-users.

Final words


There a lot more advantages to choosing a DaaS provider to outsource your desktop environment than what you may know. The most important thing is to be vigilant with finding DaaS providers which guarantee reliability and availability, without having the necessary features and capabilities in place. There are comprehensive DaaS solutions that can give you the full package, thereby boosting your performance and operational efficiency in no time.