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Our teams bring extensive knowledge of your industry’s fundamentals, pain points, and core processes, as well as an understanding of the unique needs and complexities of your business. As a result, you get customized IT solutions that successfully and comprehensively address your specific needs.

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Our team helps you in taking advantage of the most recent technological advances while providing highly secure IT services. Our IT solutions include a full evaluation of your company’s requirements to ensure that we provide a solution that is completely tailored to you.



Companies must be creative in how they reshape their products, structure their businesses, use technology, and reimagine the services and experiences they provide to their customers in the Automotive industry. Discover how we’re helping automotive companies in driving the mobility ecosystem forward.



Construction is becoming more complex and changing at a faster rate than ever before. To increase productivity and profitability, you should have the right solution in place to facilitate collaboration and ensure that contracts are delivered on time and within budget every time. This is where we-IT® can help.



We are aware of the technological requirements of today’s school systems. Indeed, we have assisted numerous educational institutions in identifying new strategies to meet the evolving connected classroom demands — all while staying within budget.



we-IT’s  financial IT solutions enable you to offer superior customer experiences and competitive business models, at the same time delivering extreme operational efficiency. Financial firms are now able to enter and compete in new markets, increasing revenue and scaling up at previously unimaginable rates.



Our IT solutions enable healthcare technologies such as electronic medical records, mobile apps, patient portals, IoT devices, and big data analytics. It allows for easy scalability and flexibility, which improves the overall decision-making process.



Our IT solutions are a significant step forward in the delivery of legal services in terms of increasing law firm productivity and allowing them to serve a broader group of consumers at more affordable prices. We will provide secure, remote access as well as more reliable, efficient, and collaborative workflows at a lower cost.


Software Vendors

Software Vendors can rely on highly performing cloud-based infrastructure, offered as Software-as-a-service, to do the job quickly and smoothly by deploying their applications from the cloud. The we-IT® cloud-based solutions can deploy and scale software in seconds, providing customers with immediate access to the application without the frustration of long wait times.


Other Industries

Digital transformation has an impact on every aspect of business, including organizations of all sizes, needs, and industries. Our IT solutions work to make transformation a realistic and game-changing opportunity for all industries, working with each company’s unique needs and desires to create the best solution possible. we-IT® IT solutions are here to benefit your industry.

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„We are cooperating with we-IT GmbH for more then 5 years – and this is big relief for us: Finally we can count on fact that our IT is on high level. If there is any problem- just one phone call solves everything! This is how we always imagined partnership!“
Georg R.
Regional professional electrician (25 employees)

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