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Boosting the efficiency of medical staff through fully automated billing software deployment on the cloud.

After preliminary talks, the teams of we-IT and a German Medical Billing Software vendor established a customized cloud-first strategy for the client solution. Moving forwards, our expert-in-house operations team implemented the model effectively, so that the vendor was provided with a  stable and highly-performing  desktop environment for their product, as promised.

we-IT®: Vollständig automatisierte Bereitstellung einer medizinischen Software in der Cloud


DevOps is a philosophy that we foster, in a mission to deliver a stable and reliable deployment for all software solutions, partnering with we-IT. Enterprises today are becoming more in tune with the advantages of this strategic outsourcing cooperation and they turn to our cloud ‘as-a-service’ model with an intention to reduce their infrastructure management, as they improve their cost-savings and team productivity manyfold. Migrating client infrastructure to the cloud has also attracted the interest of software vendors in the healthcare sector, offering  mission-critical applications  for hospitals, medical practices, and private health practitioners.

For the purpose of this case study, we are looking at we-IT’s approach to cloud automation, which effectively granted our partner enterprise  better governance  and  higher performance  of their medical billing software, used by a range of reputable medical facilities across Germany.


Business challenge

Customer objectives

Our client came with some clear objectives for our collaboration: They needed  a stable environment for their medical software solution , which would boost their cost savings by optimizing the internal IT expenditures. Their medical billing solution was becoming heavily sought after in the healthcare sector, and up to that point, they had been distributing it as an  installation package  to a large number of medical clients in the country. As a consequence, the vendor started receiving a large volume of helpdesk requests, inquiring about recurring assistance with configuration and other routine maintenance issues.

“We had to work round the clock to make sure that our software runs properly, which was not ideal. On plenty of occasions, we found that the technical problems that our clients were experiencing were out of our control. There were simply far too many things to consider and keep on top of, as a responsible software vendor; recurring software and OS updates are only two of many examples to name … “

Our client made clear that they needed an agile environment for their enterprise software that would reduce their internal management, so they could focus on their core functions, developing new features and upgrades.  

During our first meeting, the head of the software company also outlined the importance of rigorous data security and improved business continuity for their mission-critical application: ‘We want to ensure better resiliency for our IT staff without having to risk the reputation that we’ ve managed to build as a medical solution provider for so long. Our company is well-established in the sector and medical facilities trust us to provide them with an agile and secure medical billing solution that ticks all of their boxes. ‘

As a trusted Microsoft Silver Partner with years of expertise in IT operations, we made a commitment to our customers that as prospective partners, they could rely on us for efficient and safe deployment of their software 24/7.



Launching of the product

Soon after we agreed to collaborate on this project, we-IT’s team outlined the next steps in the migration strategy of vendor’s software to our cloud. We prepared, tested, and eventually migrated the application on our servers within the agreed time frame. What we managed to achieve in the end is  a fully automated deployment  for their solution, which worked seamlessly in a stable desktop environment, without a glitch or service disruptions.

We asked our dedicated specialist Vladimir to share with us their approach to this project, which helped the entire transition move so smoothly for both parties.

“Cloud automation is the key to successful migration and stable deployment these days. Manual operations of functions like  scaling, configuring, setting up resources, and real-time monitoring  are just far too inefficient… Deploying and configuring every component individually is also a very long process that’s prone to far too many errors. This could affect the quality of the desktop environment negatively by making the service  less available and inflexible  for our customers, ”says Vladimir. “This is why we choose advanced automation tools for our deployments. They enable us to streamline these functions and guarantee the high performance of client software on our cloud infrastructure at all times ”.

“At the end of the day, the customer comes to us because they expect higher efficiency and security, not the opposite. We want to make sure we provide them with ready-to-go cloud-hosted software solutions that can run large workloads, without experiencing performance issues or downtime at any given point in time, ”added Vladimir.



Higher efficiency via automation

One of the main goals of a DevOps approach is to increase the collaboration between software development and operations teams, so they can achieve their common goal and deliver high-quality products to their customers. we-IT implemented these policies through our continuous collaboration with the client and a strong focus on cloud automation.

“As a DaaS provider, we have a responsibility to deliver optimal performance of the client software on our cloud infrastructure. We achieved this through advanced automation tools, IT expertise, and streamlining techniques, which significantly reduce the involvement of internal teams in repetitive tasks and laborious real-time decision making ”, shared one of the we-IT in-house administrators.

Automation for this software vendor not only did prove to work effectively in the transition process but also during deployment after the software was successfully launched. This ascertains the operational capacity of our desktop environments, which are  clearly defined, tested, and employed  in real use case scenarios.

For this study, we exemplified the product of a fruitful collaboration between We-IT and a German vendor, offering a billing software solution to medical practitioners all across the country. We managed to effectively integrate the software technology into the desktop environment of the end-users, which resulted in a smoothly-running service and no helpdesk requests by their medical customers, apart from some minor usage inquiries. It’s important to point out that with our deployment technology, end-users cannot make adjustments to the software, since everything is handled entirely by our teams on the back end.

We-IT’s desktop environments proved to be  highly functional and secure  in a real use case scenario , which further down the line, helped the vendor with reducing their operational costs and improving their internal capacity as a software development company.

All in all, our partnership with the software company proved to be a rather positive experience for both sides by meeting the expectations of our client and building on a strong and productive collaboration together.

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