Intelligent Identity Management: Secure and Simplified Access for Your Team

Navigating through the complexities of identity management shouldn’t be a struggle. We offer a range of solutions designed to streamline and secure access across your organization, tailored specifically to your unique needs.

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    Efficient Password Management

    Our efficient password management provides the highest level of security without compromising convenience. It helps generate and securely store strong and unique passwords for all your applications. This ensures that each password is robust and meets the highest security standards, without the need to remember numerous complex passwords.

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    Businessman Fingerprint scan provides security

    MFA Authentication System

    Our MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) system provides an additional layer of security for your digital identities. It requires more than just a password for authentication, providing better protection for your data against unauthorized access. By combining something you know (e.g., a password), something you have (e.g., a smartphone), and something you are (e.g., a fingerprint), security is significantly enhanced.

    Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

    Our Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) allows users to reset their password in an easy and secure manner without contacting support. This means less administrative effort for your IT team and fewer disruptions for users. The SSPR system is user-friendly and can be configured with various authentication methods to ensure security.

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    Die Bedeutung von IT-Sicherheit für kleine Unternehmen

    Single Sign-On (SSO)

    With our Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, you can log in to multiple applications with just one set of credentials. This not only improves convenience for users but also enhances security by reducing the number of passwords to remember and minimizing potential attack points for cybercriminals. Our SSO provides a seamless and secure user experience across all your applications.

    Passwordless Sign-In Solution

    Our Passwordless Sign-In solution eliminates the need to remember passwords while increasing security. By using biometrics or security tokens, users can quickly and easily authenticate without entering a password. This simplifies the login process while protecting against password-based attacks.

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    Die Macht des Menschen: Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen unserer 24/7 EDR-Operationen bei we-IT

    MFA FIDO2 Integration

    Our MFA FIDO2 Integration offers strong, phishing-resistant authentication based on public key cryptography. This ensures that only the legitimate user has access to resources even if the login credentials have been compromised. By combining FIDO2 standards and our MFA solution, we can provide high security while ensuring a smooth user experience.

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