The benefits of using a cloud desktop environment are well-known to businesses already. Deploying a desktop service that is hosted on cloud servers improves employee productivity and the agility of employers when it comes to managing their workloads. This is all due to the continuous advancements in cloud computing technologies, which are now offering fast and reliable services to clients at no extra cost.

How is a cloud desktop environment a better alternative?


Adopting a cloud desktop environment adds a lot more value to enterprises than higher efficiency and higher availability. It is proving to have a lot more benefits in the corporate world in the long term of using the solution.

In the next bit, we are looking at three real-world use cases of cloud desktop environments for businesses that have used the cloud for deploying their core applications and managing their workloads remotely.

Cloud desktop environments to secure your third-party vendors.


Over 80% of corporate enterprises are making use of third-party contractors to outsource different services and to bring a skilled workforce into a company. This makes the information exchange between vendors and their clients in an open-access network a tricky business with a traditional desktop environment. Without the right data security management of cloud services, businesses face some serious system security challenges and they are at much higher risk of a data breach in unsafe cyberspace. 


According to an official report by the remote support provider BeyondTrust, only 66% of businesses are customizing the access capabilities of their third-party vendors into their network. Even a smaller portion of businesses trust that they in full control of their business systems and can guarantee the full data security of their corporate data. Cloud desktop environments are here for the rescue with their strict access controls and rigorous monitoring in place managed externally for each and every third-part user case gaining access to your network. Provisioning extra security to your business systems while giving your partners peace of mind when accessing your data is all possible with the help of your cloud desktop and your provider.

The use of cloud desktops for supporting your employees for IT tasks


Remote workers are growing in numbers globally, and so are the hurdles of using traditional desktop environments, which are not hosted on the cloud. Working from home poses some technical challenges to many employees that work with sensitive corporate data, but don’t have the right training to handle certain IT tasks ensuring the security of their desktop environment during use.

Common IT tasks that users of cloud desktop environments are supported with are patching and updating software on a regular basis. With a traditional desktop environment, this could take up to several hours per week off the end-users normal working hours, if implemented correctly. The solution to this loss in productivity is choosing the best cloud provider to manage these tasks externally as well as many other maintenance-related problems. Configuring and managing new applications on your cloud desktop environment is all handled by an expert team that helps your employees along the way as this improves the satisfaction of your staff significantly!


Cloud desktop solutions help mergers happen effortlessly


One of the most beneficial use cases of cloud desktop environments in the corporate world is for making mergers of organizations less stressful and more seamless. Businesses that are undergoing the transition or have already gone through it know well enough how long and challenging it could be to bring different teams together under the same compliance standards. Merging organizations also means that systems are being shared and users are forced to change their ways with using new applications and new security controls. This can affect the productivity of your employees but also threaten the security status of the business in the transition.

Cloud desktop environments are the solution to businesses that go through a merger and need a stopgap, which will allow employees to operate as normal, while system security is being managed externally by the provider. All other changes which are required with the desktop environment of the end-user such as application compatibility problems are also handled by your cloud provider, leaving your staff to focus on their core functions during the transition period.

Final words


There are numerous benefits to using a cloud desktop environment in the ever-changing corporate landscape of businesses. Better security of your systems is guaranteed, making every step of your business journey an easier one to take.