What are B2B sales and B2C sales in short?


B2B and B2C sales in the corporate world require a joint approach to generating news leads- by targeting businesses and customers, respectively, and creating new lucrative opportunities for the executives of the company. Both of these tasks require careful planning, prospecting, and conversion tactics which eventually boost the company’s profits as planned.

Digital transformation and the cloud are making their way into B2B sales.


B2B sales have been receiving a lot less attention than business-to-consumer (B2C) sales in the tech space because of the traditional methods of finding and making new clients, without the need for the internet. Yes, but digitalization, together with connectivity and desktop virtualization have made their way into the B2B sales as well and they are swiftly transforming the business to business sales sector in the past decade with some great success.

What drove the revolution in B2B sales?


The revolution in optimizing and utilizing new technologies in the corporate B2C sales sector, more than B2B sales, is owing to the internet and how easily consumers can access information about products and services online. The internet on its own, however, has not been the prerequisite for revolutionizing B2B sales and how processes work. Though, cloud-hosted technologies like Desktop-as-a-Service and Data-as-a-Service, tech marked a new chapter for B2B sales, by helping the professionals automate their working operations and gather customer data way more efficiently. This way salespeople could gain new leads a lot more effectively and convert them into their existing customers through the cloud.

What’s next?


In this article, we are discussing the B2B sales challenges and how are they becoming resolved with the help of highly available cloud-hosted services like DaaS.

How the cloud helps B2B sales throughout the buyer’s journey?

Finding new clients


It all begins with the customer journey itself, and how the cloud made it possible for remote working salespeople to access data more quickly thanks to Data-as-a-Services. The process which is known as ‘prospecting’ was greatly improved and streamlined with the help of cloud databases and quick retrieval of focus data.

Consultative selling and cooperation in the initial steps


Once the salesperson generates a workable lead, the second most important step in the journey of their buyer is to earn their trust and meet their specific product needs. Cloud technologies are highly available and reliable, which undoubtedly makes communication between booth parties feel seamless. Remote workers using Desktop-as-a-Service show to have much better outreach thanks to their flawless desktop service and their ability to connect to new clients from anywhere. Consultative selling is a term in B2B sales for attracting new customers by prioritizing the customer’s needs over the product itself. Just imagine having to cater to the demands of prospective buyers without having the tools to connect and gain their full trust and attention in the initial steps of your cooperation together…

B2B Sales and after-sales support


One of the most successful approaches to converting leads to customers is by offering them an enticing customer experience with using your product or service. B2B sales departments often need to communicate the whole sales journey step-by-step to the buyer, access their user desktops remotely, or navigate through the desktop applications where the sales are generated and invoiced and registered. The operations of each company vary as to what steps salespeople need to take in order to complete a purchase. What’s the common denominator between successful B2B sales is the high reliability of their cloud desktop,  from which they provision all of their core sales applications. Supporting clients remotely in their buyer’s journey and after the sale has been closed requires a secure desktop service and outstanding performance of the apps linked to the purchase-making process.

In conclusion, we can say that the cloud has brought about the digital transformation into the B2B sector and there’s no coming back to the outdated approaches of reaching out to new customers and closing business sales. More seamless communication, higher availability of the B2B sales application, and better automation overall, empowered by the cloud,  are boosting productivity and profitability like no other features of a tech product in today’s marketplace.