Disaster Recovery Explained

If you don’t know what disaster recovery strategy is important for DaaS, you are in the right place. Your business might be currently transitioning to the cloud or thinking to go in this direction. This is why it’s important to keep informed of the most important cornerstones in utilizing the cloud space safely and efficiently. Disaster recovery is also seen in texts as DR, and it means to you as a customer that you have a great deal of security because of the insurance that comes with the plan. At the end of the day, the most important thing for a successful business is the protection of confidentiality and company data, in case of technical or malicious disruptions. Incidents of data loss are not uncommon, especially when we see more and more physical break-ins, theft, or even unexpected natural disasters.

What kind of risks are you taking in the cloud?

There is always a slight chance that you become subject to data loss or impaired overall integrity. The cause of these could be purely technical, and this happens more often than you think! It is a known fact that almost every other business these days suffers from some form of data loss because of technical failure in the first 3-5 years of its founding. We already mentioned that there is always a risk of accidental issues and failure, but there are also malicious cyber attacks that need to be seriously taken into account in the context of disaster recovery plans. Having a growing number of businesses adopt new digitalization features as part of their internal means that there will also be a larger threat from malicious attempts.Another common risk which disaster recovery strategy should cover is office vandalism, intentional disruptions,

What makes disaster recovery plans so important for your business?

Every business is taking some risks that their data will someday be exposed by being subject to lose as a result of technical malfunctioning or intentional breach. The only way around this is to ensure your company will have a disaster recovery plan which should ideally be offered by your cloud provider. Another important instance when you need a sound disaster recovery strategy is the times when you have experienced some form of disruption and you are going through a process of recovery, but you need to resume operations quickly. This could leave your employees dissatisfied with their work dynamic and what’s even worse is wasting valuable time resources which can be indispensable for your future operations.The biggest impact you may suffer from the lack of a data recovery plan is losing important clients due to loss of data integrity which can be sensitive information for either side. The last thing you want is to lose your reputation and business relations due to a small mistake and lack of enough planning.

How is DaaS the solution?

Storing your data on a local server may pose multiple risks to your data protection, as mentioned earlier. This where DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) comes to the rescue to small and mid-sized businesses after an affordable and safe solution when it comes to disaster recovery of data. How this works for companies utilizing the cloud for deploying their desktop environment is simply by having a trusted third-party vendor store and retrieve your data upon request. This way you skip the responsibilities of maintaining a safe on-premise environment as well as consistent monitoring of your systems on the back-end. Cloud providers are the best alternative to make sure you have an effective disaster recovery strategy in place since they are usually experts in the field. Many cyber attacks get unnoticed by companies that are not constantly upgrading and patching their cybersecurity software. we-IT is one of the few cloud providers in the marketplace that offer disaster recovery plans as part of your subscription. We also safely store your data in multiple server locations at the same time, so you needn’t worry about losing data in a case of system failure in a single server site.

When choosing to move to the cloud you are already one step ahead in your disaster recovery plan. By choosing DaaS, you are making use of better availability and flexibility of your desktop service and a lot of other benefits for your business overall. Visit our website to find out more about our services and the different features along with them.