Why patch management is an important part of your IT maintenance?

Businesses of all sizes require regular IT maintenance & patch management to ensure that their systems are both fully functional and secure. Operating a large

Vulnerability Scanning Gives Businesses Better Security

While there are more online businesses hosting websites, applications, and channels on the internet, there will be even more vulnerabilities in these systems waiting to

How Mobile Device Management Helps The Remote Workforce?

Introduction to Mobile Device Management   Employees all over the world are using smart mobile devices such as laptops and tablets to access their work

How does endpoint security work?

Every business that uses corporate or private networks to move data from one device to another – needs an endpoint security solution. To those who

How can different industries levarage a DaaS solution?

Desktop-as-a-Service, known as DaaS – is a cloud-hosted solution that enables businesses in all kinds of sectors to facilitate their remote operations over the internet.

How Microsoft 365 and Teams can support your hybrid environment?

Microsoft 365 and Teams were built with the intention to have a hub for teamwork where employees can collaborate online and increase their remote productivity.

The Winning Approach of we-IT Security Awareness Training

The main winning feature of the security awareness program by we-IT is the practical plan that equips employees with practical knowledge throughout the entire training.

How Identity & Endpoint Security Enable SMBs

Cybersecurity in the business world goes into two different branches: Identity Security and Endpoint Security. Both approaches have different capabilities and use a distinct set

What are the benefits of remote support for businesses and employees?

Having efficient remote support allows businesses to find resolutions to technical problems timely and effectively. In a fast-paced technological era, when most businesses are moving

5 FAQs About Cyber Insurance

Every business that stores its important data online or in a physical hardware could benefit from having a cyber insurance. When we say important data,

How Third-party Marketing Teams Help Your Business Grow?

The importance of marketing expertise   Every business nowadays needs to be marketed to new customers to stay afloat and generate revenue. Regardless of whether

Why should you outsource your IT procurement?

If you want your business to be successful, you need the processes, resources, and experts to support the provision of high-quality services or products. The

Networking Services Explained

The quality of your networking services is just as important as your applications, desktop environment, and the end-point infrastructure for your home office or remote

Why Use WordPress Web Design For Your Project?

WordPress is the biggest web development and content management system (CMS), currently powering over 43% of the websites online. IT is open-source software that encourages

Why outsourced management of GDPR services helps your business?

Consultancy services can also help businesses meet their GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) requirements as per the new global standard. Since it has been introduced

The Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 for SMB

Improving the efficiency of businesses is an important objective of the Microsoft 365 application suite. It is built to help employees collaborate, communicate and exchange

Why Should You Outsource Your Help Desk IT Support?

Remote employees need help desks for fast resolution of problems that they encounter with their day-to-day operations. Even before the global pandemic, there was a

The Importance Of SSL Monitoring & Inventory Management For Your Website

SSL certificates and inventory management systems are of utmost importance to e-commerce businesses and websites generating sales online. Both of them help organizations gain a

3 Communication Tools That Every Business Needs

Every successful business in the age of digital communication relies on phones and an internet connection as their collaboration mediums. Tools like Zoom and Microsoft

5 Reasons Why Security Awareness Training Is a Must

Security Awareness Training Explained   In short, security awareness training stands for the educational process provided in-house or by third-party companies such as we-IT. The

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