The DIY approach to cloud desktops compared to DaaS

Gradually over time, the virtualized desktop approach is becoming a key component to the workflow of remotely operating companies. Depending on which way businesses want

How To Make Sure Your DaaS Solution Works For Your Business?

DaaS solutions for small businesses   Supporting a remote workforce has become a real challenge for businesses that don’t host the technology or haven’t made

DaaS Vs VDI in 2022

Another look at DaaS and VDI   What has been firmly established by now is that every remotely operating business needs to provide its employees

How Cloud Hosted CAD Software Works For Architects and Designers?

Cloud-hosted CAD (Computed-Aided Design) software and traditional license CAD packages for architects have a lot in common and some capabilities that differ between the two.

Digitalization Will Speed Up The Progress of Businesses in 2022

Digitalization is the roadwork to finding new customers, process improvement, and innovation. If businesses want to stay competitive, they should be ready to adopt the

3 Reason Why You Should Move Your On-premises Software To The Cloud

It is no secret that transforming on-premises software into a cloud-based business model is a long-term strategy for success. The benefits for independent software vendors

5 Benefits of Your Cloud Provider’s Help Desk Ticketing System

Help desk ticketing systems are just as important for the remotely operating business on the cloud as much as the cloud providers themselves. The ability

Why the Healthcare Sector Needs Medical Software On The Cloud?

A lot of healthcare practices need medical software on the cloud as their gateway from their underperforming legacy systems. Relying on IT solutions on the

How does DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) help the small business (SMB)?

2021 hasn’t been easy for small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) affected by the pandemic and the swift urge to shift from premises-based to remotely operating

Growth Trends of The Cloud in 2022: Outlook and Statistics

Cloud growth is not the easiest to track as some of you may think. The reason for that is the big sectioning in the information

The Effective Methodology and Content Behind Kaspersky ASAP Cybersecurity Training

Why do we need effective Cybersecurity training?   The reason why social engineering attacks have become so popular with cybercriminals in recent years is because

Kaspersky ASAP Levels up on Efficiency and Management of Cybersecurity Training

Introduction to Kaspersky ASAP   Human error is the cause for over 80% of all data breach incidentsimpacting organizations of all sizes and across all

When is the Best Time Your Firm Should Move to the Cloud?

The main focus of firms in most sectors these days is finding new ways to be more productive. Whether this is the financial industry, healthcare,

Why Cloud Infrastructure is Critical to Independent Software Vendors?

The current landscape of the software development industry would not look the same without cloud infrastructure and applications offered ‘as-a-service’. Because of the immense capabilities

How to choose a cloud provider for your software solution?

Finding the best and most suitable cloud provider for your software can be a daunting task. Most software vendors today look for SaaS and DaaS

Cloud Desktops For Architectural Firms: Digital Transformation Solution

Slowly but surely, the cloud has brought innovation, scalability, and cost optimization to all businesses, including architectural firms. The transition from local infrastructure to the

Common Questions and Answers For ISVs On The Cloud

If you are wondering how cloud-based services and ISVs work together, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared a list with some of the

The Benefits Of Delivering Your Applications On The Cloud

Delivering applications on the cloud has substantial benefits for your business and your customers. The global digital transformation market is predicted to grow by 2024

The Real Value of Virtual Desktops For the Insurance Sector

The insurance industry moves fast and greater resilience is required by companies wanting to stay on the leading edge of their marketplace. Building complex processes

5 Main Questions To Ask Before Moving To The Cloud

If you consider moving to the cloud, there are several main questions your business needs to think about before migration takes place. Otherwise, you may

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