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we-IT® provides IT solutions which improve efficiencies, provide powerful insights, and enable new, agile business models throughout the value chain, reshaping the auto industry.

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    Automotive firms can no longer limit themselves to traditional value chain activities. Instead, they must embark on a comprehensive business system transformation that refocuses on customers, invests in the appropriate digital technologies, and rethinks every aspect of the organization.

    Automotive suppliers, Auto industry original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Automotive dealers, and at the end of the chain – Consumers, all benefit from the digital transformation enabled by our IT solutions.

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    With we-IT®'s automotive IT solutions, clients are empowered with the following capabilities:

    Industry expertise

    Understanding the distinct business, operational, and technological needs of automotive firms across the value chain.

    Tech innovation

    The cloud-based solutions like Desktop-as-a-Service and Microsoft 365 makes it easier to adopt innovative technologies. we-IT® will assist your company in seamlessly migrating your data and applications to the cloud.

    Security and risk reduction

    Automotive firms ​can transfer the burden of protecting their systems to us. To protect your critical IT environment, we offer IT Security solutions such as Security awareness, Email Security and Identity Security.


    we-IT®’s Compliance services ensure that you can confidently meet your regulatory obligations in multiple jurisdictions by adhering to regulations, obligations, and corporate policies and procedures.

    IT Procurement

    We will handle your entire procurement process, from consultation to product delivery of special equipment used in automotive environments, such as large monitors, ergonomically good peripherals, and fast/reliable workstations for design tasks, servers, and server clusters.


    we-IT® : The Impact of the Cloud on The Automotive Industry

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