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    IT Services and Solutions For Architects

    There is more pressure than ever to stay updated while protecting your sensitive data. Increasingly complex processes and growing responsibilities require a wide range of software – from modeling programs to file sharing applications.

    At we-IT®, our team helps you in taking advantage of the most recent technological advances while providing highly secure IT services. Our IT solutions include a full evaluation of your company’s requirements to ensure that we provide a solution that is completely tailored to you.

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    With we-IT®'s architecture IT solutions, clients are empowered with the following capabilities:

    Industry expertise

    Understanding the distinct business, operational, and technological needs of architecture firms across the value chain.

    Productivity and collaboration anytime, anywhere

    You need technology that allows your architects and 3D modelers to be as productive and collaborative as possible in a competitive market. You will waste time and money if they need to come to your physical office to work on models and make decisions. Desktop-as-a-Service and Microsoft 365 solutions enable productivity and collaboration whether your designers are in the office, on construction sites, or working remotely. we-IT® will assist your company in seamlessly migrating your data and applications to the cloud.

    High level of security

    we-IT® provides 24/7 services to secure our clients as well as to detect and respond to sophisticated cyber-threats, ensuring that your company is secure. Regular data backup and Endpoint protection are essential for the reliable protection of your IT. Endpoint protection is the critical last line of defense in preventing cyber-attacks from compromising those devices and preventing sensitive information from falling into the hands of the wrong people. That is why you require the best possible security wherever your data resides.

    IT Maintenance

    With our maintenance services, support, and tools, you will get the right coverage for all of your devices, technology, and IT purchases. Our experts will help you in patching your operating system (OS), which is a crucial part of protecting your IT systems and applications from malicious users who exploit vulnerabilities in your cloud or on-premise environment.

    IT Procurement

    We will handle your entire procurement process, from consultation to product delivery of special equipment used in architecture environments, such as large monitors, ergonomically good peripherals, and fast/reliable workstations for design tasks.

    cloud migration strategy

    Case study : we-IT® : Provisioning 3D design software on the cloud offered higher bandwidth and reliability to an architectural firm choosing DaaS

    Delivering a highly performing 3D modeling software on the cloud reduced the hardware and operating IT costs of an architectural firm by 60%.

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