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we-IT LLC | Full IT service provider for small and mid-size businesses.
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With over 20 years experience we have developed the winning formula for how we work with our clients around the world, form America – Asia – Europe, we have embedded this in our company culture. Our talented team of 25 people has a real passion and knowledge for IT. All team members receive regular training and are constantly developing their skill-set in line with the latest technologies so the knowledge is immediately available to your business.

We know that every business is unique and that the right solution is often a combination of technologies adapted to your specific needs. Through our consultative approach, we get to know your business, your challenges, and your future growth plans, and we combine IT products and services to build the right solution for you.

we-IT LLC is more than a service provider, we engage all the necessary resources to be your most reliable partner. Because our satisfaction is the good functioning of your system but also the trust, we have in each other and in future projects.

We provide IT services, business continuity and cloud services. We master these services to keep your business running smoothly. Each of these elements are essential for security, maximum efficiency and ultimately increased profitability. We listen to your needs and offer the right product. Our vision is to simplify your use of new technology. This allows you to increase your focus on productivity and increase your profit.  

we-IT LLC is constantly working on customer satisfaction. We are available for you and make an appointment to find out how our tools, processes and services will boost your productivity without ever having to manage your technology. We have everything you need to help you. 

Words from our clients

Heinz L.

Dairy farm
The specialists from we-IT LLC have presented us with an IoT solution that helped us with a lot of demanding tasks - everything has become much easier for us.

Katrin M.

Real Estate (50 employees)
For our traditional family business, it was very difficult to find the right software for the internal processes on the market - and we were looking for a long time. we-IT LLC has presented us with an intelligent proposal and, above all, turned it into reality. Now we use a very own software solution, which has really taken us forward.

Gert K

Multinational company (100,000 employees)
Digitization is also a real challenge for us . The expertise of we-IT LLC has served us well in strategic considerations. Based on recommendations, we were able to successfully complete the relevant projects and generate earnings for our company.

Georg R.

Regional professional electrician (25 employees)
We are cooperating with we-IT LLC for more then 5 years - and this is big relief for us: Finally we can count on fact that our IT is on high level. If there is any problem- just one phone call solves everything! This is how we always imagined partnership!

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