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– Remote & On-site maintenance – Ticketing system
– Emergency maintenance – Outside the normal business hours
– Proactive management of your IT infrastructure

Our Services

MSP - Managed
Service Provider

Is the maintenance of your IT infrastructure becoming an increasing stressful job and a sunk cost trap?

Are your costs getting out of hand while some security issues are starting to appear? Your skills and results are not always giving you the pay-off as that you deserve?

There is a proven solution to these common problems-Outsourcing your entire IT to us!

We are an experienced Full Service Provider which offers you a lot more benefits than what an in-house IT team can bring to the table.

Managed Services


DaaS separates the desktop environment from the associated application software in the physical client device, from which the service is accessed.

DaaS can be implemented in combination with application and user profile administration systems.
It offers a cloud desktop management system of high performance. With this service, all components of the desktop are virtualized which enables a very flexible and a much more secure operation of your desktop environment.

Our DaaS also supports a complete disaster recovery strategy which means that all of your desktop information is saved in our data centers. If your device or the hardware is lost, you can just access your desktop from another device.

Cloud consulting
for companies

Benefit from our cloud consulting services!

We have many years of experience and we also partner with companies like Microsoft, Amazon and other well-known regional solution providers. This has really made us understand your needs and demands perfectly well.

One of the most common terms, used in IT today, is the ‘Cloud’. Have you ever heard about the many advantages it can bring to your company? Well, there are virtually so many of them… One major benefit to using a Cloud service, which we would like you to know about, this is data protection. Of course, this is just a single example for all that your business can gain by using a comprehensive cloud service. And it is a lot already!

Make your business benefit from our cloud service.

Contact us today!

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Managed Service Provider


IT Security


Mobile Offices


Network and System Administration


Cloud Services

About Us

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have developed the winning formula for working with clients from all around the world.

Our team members receive regular training and we are constantly developing ourselves in line with the latest technologies!

Our consultative approach helps us to find out about your challenges and your plans for future growth. We tailor the right solution for you by choosing IT products and services that serve your purpose. Then, we manage these services scrupulously for you in order to keep your business running smoothly. Each of these steps is essential for achieving security, maximum efficiency, and ultimately, increased profitability! Our vision is to simplify the use of new technology for you. This will allow you to increase your focus on productivity while increasing your company capital.

Make an appointment with us to find out how through our tools, processes and services you can boost your overall productivity- without ever having to manage your own technology!

Competent Microsoft Silver Partner at your service

For many years, we have been your certified Microsoft Partner and support you on your way moving to the Cloud. We help you with cutting-edge concepts and effective enhancements that allow you to optimize your operational potential.

Something important for you to know! We have added a list of useful website resources for government funding programs which can be utilized to finance one part of your new IT project with we-IT LLC.

Depending on your situation, you can make use of different financial help to reduce the cost of your IT project.


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