In today’s business world, we see a digital transformation in every stage of companies’ development. This is a global trend that branches out into multiple new sub-trends constantly,  affecting the organization of the working place and the processes within.

It’s actually surprising how fast digital transformation has taken over various industries. This is already having a big impact on businesses, their employees and just the general public. If you think about it, automation with the help of technology is taking place in our everyday lives when we shop, communicate, travel and work.

How does digital transformation happen?


The machinery behind the technological revolution we see in the digital transformation is all powered by cloud technology. Its remarkable capabilities have made it possible for businesses to adopt new models such as remote working which relies heavily on cloud computing and monitoring of data security by IT teams (in-house or as a managed service). This trend made it possible for hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world to continue their operations and even improve on their efficiency substantially. The cloud has actually become the long-awaited solution for many companies that were previously struggling to streamline their operations as many tasks were performed manually, without real automation opportunities. Moving to the cloud made businesses more agile over a short space of time, not only making them more flexible but also giving them the infrastructure to scale up their operations and boost their revenue.

What trends were brought in by the cloud?

Managed IT Services: DaaS / SaaS / PaaS


Digital transformation in business was fueled by the cloud and the advancement of Wi-Fi with high speed and better security. This technology gave rise to managed IT services like Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Cloud companies like we-IT made their existing infrastructure available to clients as an outsource solution at recurring monthly costs and no commitments. This trend by the cloud marked a new era in the digital space by shifting the focus from the traditional processes and problems with IT to operating seamlessly running desktop and software services. DaaS by we-IT was part of the digital transformation helping businesses reduce their time spent on troubleshooting technical issues and becoming their medium to being more effective and profitable.

Cloud working as a trend


Working remotely is the new normality for a large number of companies today. Digitalization brought the cloud which by itself brought a lot of new jobs in business and tech. Now we see a growing number of companies hiring new staff to work primarily from home using their own devices and internet connection. Even though there was some resistance at the start, a lot of businesses embraced this trend and they are not thinking of going back to the office any time soon. Working remotely with the help of the cloud allowed employers to boost their staff’s productivity, but also gave the employees a better work-life balance than before. Being able to connect to your desktop environment for instance, and work from anywhere gave people more freedom to travel and be more productive since they can connect to their workspace from anywhere.

Businesses are collaborating


In the digital transformation era, we ought to mention global collaboration as a major trend, prompted by cloud technology the improved data security practices along with it. Once businesses became more confident in the strong establishment of data protection within the cloud space, there was a big surge in collaboration and information exchange both internally and externally. A lot of new collaboration tools emerged as singular software applications and whole collaboration suites with many different features. Having bigger confidence in the cloud and how company data is safeguarded was a big step forward which is still making leaps in getting businesses close together in a global cloud community.

There are multiple cloud trends that we see emerging every year. These change how a large number of companies worldwide are working day today and in the long term. The cloud is shaping the business world beyond recognition and we should anticipate a lot more innovation and collaboration in the near future.