Remote working and employee productivity


Employee productivity for remote workers was not even a topic of discussion before cloud technology. Companies that could not afford to host their virtual desktop infrastructure in-house back in the day used to be in a disadvantageous position overall, because of the lack of tools and resources to provide a swiftly running service to their employees. Not until cloud desktop solutions like DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) took over the desktop virtualization marketplace and helped many business owners achieve a more flexible and reliable desktop environment for their staff, for not much money.

In numbers


Early last year, as a cloud provider, we saw a big surge in the interest in cloud desktop solutions, driven by the confined social environment as a result of the global pandemic. In only six months after the biggest spike in usage of cloud desktop services, over two-thirds of our clients reported an evident increase in employee productivity, compared to how they were before using DaaS. Over 50% of the businesses reported higher productivity– in contrast to the periods before their transitioning to a remote working mode- results based on performance reviews, appraisals, and different success indicators.

This by itself makes cloud desktops revolutionary a technological solution for businesses of all sizes, as it not only gives them better flexibility with no commitment, but it is purportedly increasing employee efficiency, along with employee satisfaction.

Another published statistic by Frost and Sullivan mentions digital transformation in the context of employee productivity and how cloud innovation has prompted many companies to increase the efficiency of their staff immeasurably. They state that businesses can actually boost their employee productivity by over 400% in a course of several business quarters, provided that all conditions for using a quality DaaS solution are met.

In the next few paragraphs, we are sharing examples of the features and the benefits of using cloud desktops which can help you increase your business productivity significantly!

Access the cloud from anywhere


One of the undisputed benefits of Desktop-as-a-Service is its high availability and seamless operation at each user front end. Cloud desktop workstations can be accessed from every corner of the world where you could connect to the internet. This gives both employees and employees remarkable flexibility to work at their convenience and not worry about spatial limitations and lagging desktop service. Being able to choose where and when you can access your desktop workstation is a certain plus for employees, who have more freedom and thus every motivation to be more efficient!


Less repetitive tasks


Cloud desktop solutions are invaluable for reducing the number of repetitive tasks employees and higher management have to deal with on a daily basis. According to employee productivity surveys from customers, workers would normally spend over 25% of the time on their computers doing repetitive everyday tasks. As a singular fraction, this does not account for an awful lot of wasted working hours. Nevertheless, if each one in your team is spending equally long on repetitive tasks daily, then your drop in employee productivity is guaranteed. Routine backups are only one example of a process that DaaS takes away from you. Cloud desktops are great for giving employees flexible access to their workstations from every portable smart device at their convenience. In healthcare, this has had saved countless hours for the practitioners making appointments and recording appointments directly into their device applications, instead of transcribing data and wasting valuable time hands-on.

Less technical problems


We already established that employee productivity is directly proportional to the better flexibility and availability of DaaS. But how about maintenance? Many businesses already pay third-party IT companies to perform their scheduled maintenance and to fix technical problems regarding employee workstations. Things have changed a lot since DaaS and how managed cloud services made it easier to access their desktop from anywhere, but also to rely on maintenance support from their cloud providers in case of technical issues. we-IT is one of the very few companies that offer their clients servicing and maintenance round the clock. Less time spent on fixing problems certainly frees up more time for IT staff and the rest of your employees to focus on their core functions and to improve their productivity.

In conclusion


Achieving better employee productivity does not come at a higher price for companies that are operating remotely, or only starting to do so. Cloud desktop solutions are the safe and reliable way these days to streamline your work processes by using a seamlessly running desktop environment at each and every endpoint device. Faster service and included maintenance are guaranteed to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and boost your staff’s productivity almost instantaneously.

What other benefits are there to Desktop-as-a-Service?


To be continued on our cloud blog soon!



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