Outsourcing your desktop deployment to a third-party cloud provider has many proven benefits for businesses operating remotely, and free IT maintenance is certainly one of them. Cost-effectiveness is also another advantage of cloud-hosted services like Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) compared to other known desktop virtualization technologies.

We meet a lot of new clients who are informed about the affordability of DaaS and cloud-based services before they come to us. However, very few of them know that managed IT services are a real revelation not only because of the affordability of the solution itself but also because of the included free maintenance as part of the subscription! This way you save from both capital investments in expensive server infrastructure and from hiring IT specialists to service your fleet routinely.

Not all cloud providers offer comprehensive managed services with maintenance included. we-IT is a trusted provider that takes care of routine maintenance, licensing, updates, and patching to all its clients in a straightforward subscription plan with no hidden costs.

Before you move to the cloud


You don’t want to go through the whole cloud migration procedure without making sure that your cloud provider gives you included IT maintenance as part of your plan. When you are requesting quotes, you need to check whether you will be guaranteed servicing of your cloud-based solution round the clock. Otherwise, you risk purchasing a service that is not available and reliable for your employees whenever they need it.

Paying extra for IT maintenance is outdated


Small and mid-sized businesses are in the most difficult position when it comes to IT maintenance. This could be an expensive operating cost that dips deep into the company’s pocket and takes away valuable time from the team that is hired to deal with your regular servicing. In most cases, smaller businesses and startup don’t even have their own designated IT personnel and they rely on external companies for handling their hardware and software issues.

What happens with your IT maintenance if you choose DaaS?


we-IT is a cloud provider that takes care of all your IT maintenance problems the minute you start outsourcing your desktop environment. Any software tasks like system configuration, regular patching, and updates will be covered by your subscription plan. Choosing Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) means that you are benefitting from free maintenance, without having to pay additionally for using the service elsewhere. You are also at an advantage if you already have IT staff in-house since they will no longer be occupied with tedious maintenance issues, while they can focus on your core functions and new process improvements. Patching is another main concern, for companies, which is removed if you are using DaaS. Normally, IT teams should coordinate with the other employees in order to make all the changes are made timely, without compromising on system security. The good news is that a cloud desktop solution with maintenance included takes away this worry and many more technical problems for businesses.

How is DaaS maintenance different from VDI?


When speaking of cloud desktop environments we ought to mention Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and where it stands near DaaS in terms of maintenance and regular servicing costs. These two solutions are very close competitors for functionality but DaaS is a definite winner because of how cost-effective it is compared to on-premises virtualization technology. Cloud desktop solutions can be outsourced without having to spend unthinkable amounts on routine maintenance of your infrastructure, buying new parts and replacement units. Hiring permanent staff to monitor your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is also a big added cost that is needed for your data security management. DaaS wins over VDI in this comparison for giving you free maintenance as part of your cloud desktop subscription, compared to thousands of dollars of outstanding costs annually for keeping your infrastructure in-house.

Finding a cloud provider that gives you both an available desktop environment and maintenance of software & hardware issues to do with your employee endpoint devices is uncommon. we-IT is here to help you with a comprehensive cloud desktop solution that asks nothing from you in terms of routine servicing of your workstations.

For questions regarding our services and how we operate, feel free to contact us and send us your inquiries! We will come back to you as soon as possible with resolutions to your questions.