Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is currently being utilized by the world’s biggest industries because of its many benefits. Even though it comes across as an affordable virtual desktop solution that matches the budget of smaller-scale enterprises, it has already gained a lot of popularity amongst corporate giants that seek to invest in reliable technology that meets their targets operationally and cost-wise.

Working remotely was made possible thanks to DaaS for a large number of industries that never relied on managed IT services ever before. Transitioning from site-based operations to managing work from home for hundreds of thousands of businesses saved the livelihood of millions of people last year with the help of cloud computing. Today we see this trend becoming mainstream for businesses of all sizes, but most importantly, we see how some of these industries have been transformed digitally to grow and perform better since utilizing DaaS.

In this next bit, we are looking at some of the most impactful industries which made a choice to move to the cloud, and they have managed to gain plenty of benefits from it in the space of 1 year.

Financial Industries


There is a common notion that companies in the financial sector make less costly investments than other industries, such as Big Pharma and Tech. This explains a lot why DaaS has become a popular choice for many small and large financial firms that are keen to spend less on expensive IT infrastructure and bring more profit for their companies in the short and long term. Another reason DaaS became such a revelation for finance was because of how fast the workload transitions and the unpredictability of the cycles that employees have to deal with. Zero commitment in that instance is a great alternative for financial firms since they can focus on their core functions, rather than tricky-to-maintain in-house infrastructure.



DaaS has been virtually invaluable for healthcare in the last year. We saw many hospitals, clinics, and private practices turn to Desktop-as-a-Service for managing their appointments and consultations remotely, in times of limited availability due to the imposed restrictions. The healthcare sector began relying a lot more on technology and software solutions, provided with DaaS, for connecting patients to clinical practitioners and helping them exchange information more efficiently. The security of DaaS is of utmost importance in this industry since confidentiality of patient information is their priority. Sensitive data is safely stored in the servers of the cloud provider, without putting its integrity at any risk.

Retail Industries


Another major industry that suffered a lot in the global pandemic, but also found financial relief in online sales and e-commerce, is retail. For months on end, we saw big and small retailers closing doors for customers and offering their stock on their web pages and social media channels. The only solution for most of them in these challenging times was DaaS because of its accessibility, affordability, and availability. Trading online with millions of customers requires an agile IT service that works at all times and allows processes like order receipt and fulfillment to be quickly automated and streamlined. DaaS also gave retailers the benefit of keeping track of their inventory in real-time, which presented a lot more opportunities for optimization and gaining better control of the operations internally.



The education sector was one of the most prominent ones to benefit from DaaS since early 2020. A lot of public and private schools, as well as bigger institutions like universities and colleges, made use of DaaS quickly after distance learning became the only way forward for them. Running hundreds of classes virtually, conducting online assessments, exams, and academic meetings were all done through the cloud desktop environments of teachers, lecturers, and academic staff from every corner of the world. DaaS has proven to be invaluable to them for exchanging information quickly and efficiently in times when reliable IT solutions were most needed.

The Legal Industry


The legal sector has also been under a lot of stress since the beginning of the pandemic. All client requests had to be accommodated online and the information exchange between parties required a high level of online security. This definitely brought DaaS to the forefront for many legal firms that required a safe and reliable IT solution, with no hefty commitments. Thanks to cloud desktop solutions, court hearings could proceed as normal, but virtually instead! Billable hour logging and legal apps were also some of the features that came with DaaS, which are being utilized by many professionals to this day.

Final words


Thanks to Desktop-as-a-Service, we saw a whole lot of businesses, across a number of industries, surviving through the socially constrained times of the global pandemic. Using DaaS started as a temporary solution that allowed remote operations, but it’s becoming a global trend because of its flexibility, reliability, and proven security qualities.