IT für Ärzte & Ärztinnen

IT (information technology) is playing increasingly important role in all areas of life – and medicine is no exception. Doctors and health administrators face numerous challenges, from patient management to complex diagnostics. IT solutions can not only increase efficiency here, but also reduce patient care. In this blog post, we will discuss which special IT services for medical practices are increasingly indispensable and what to look out for when implementing IT solutions. 

4 Challenges & IT solutions for doctors

According to IGES, patient documentation is almost completely or predominantly digitalized in over 80 percent of medical practices. In previous years, this proportion averaged just under 73%. Particularly large practices with many patients document digitally, according to the study.

Since the selection of IT solutions for doctors is increasing, it can sometimes be quite overwhelming to keep track of everything. In particular, deciding which technology is useful and supportive in everyday work can prove to be difficult. We created an overview of current problems and IT solutions for doctors.

Problem 1: Managing patient data securely

A lot of sensitive data is generated in a doctor’s surgery every day. A safe and efficient Data management is therefore essential. From patient records to diagnostic results – a highly secure IT system is particularly important in terms of Data Protection Regulation a basic requirement to ensure that all data is stored securely and can still be accessed easily.

IT solution: Electronic patient records (EPR)

This software makes it possible to store and manage patient information digitally. This allows Physicians and medical staff to quickly access relevant data, which in turn increases the quality of treatment. The following is a brief history of the advantages and disadvantages of the solution.

However, some concerns about disadvantages can also be resolved with the help of technology, as the following point shows. This is because technologies always develop in line with existing problems.

Problem 2: Data security

The aspect of data protection concerns is particularly understandable in today’s world, where data is a valuable asset. Fortunately, there are also IT solutions for doctors that help to securely store patient files and protect them from unauthorized access.

IT Solution: Cybersecurity measures

As we know how confusing the issue of data protection can be, we at we-IT offer detailed advice in this regard, as our many years of experience in the healthcare industry have taught us how important it is to carefully structure data protection from the outset. Further information on the topic of IT security can be found here. Contact us without obligation and we will be happy to advise you.

Problem 3: Communication between doctors and specialist departments

Coordination between doctors, nursing staff and specialist departments is crucial for patient care. Modern communication solutions can speed up this process considerably. A medical practice can commission IT service providers to create smooth and efficient internal and external processes.

IT solution: Internal communication platforms

Specialized internal chat or messaging systems can make the exchange between doctors and specialist departments much easier and thus increase efficiency within processes. Some examples from our portfolio include e-mail and messaging services, video conferencing solutions or collaborative platforms such as Microsoft Teams, which have been optimized for use in the healthcare sector.

Problem 4: Billing

There are often time delays due to manual errors, particularly with regard to billing, and various rules must be observed depending on the complexity of the processes. And even if software is installed, regular updates and maintenance must be carried out to keep the systems secure and up-to-date.

IT solution: Practice management software

Software solutions that have been specially developed for the medical sector can make everyday work in the practice much easier. From appointment management to issuing prescriptions and billing – everything is digitized and automated. A cloud solution for billing software can help here in this case study with a concrete example of implementation explains this in more detail.

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Choosing the right IT service provider for IT services for doctors

As demand increases, so does the range of IT solutions for doctors. But what does a good IT service involve? And what aspects should be considered when selecting IT for physicians?

Expertise in the healthcare sector

It is important to choose an IT service provider that is well versed in the healthcare sector. A specialized medical practice IT service provider has the know-how to make the practice more successful, secure and patient-friendly. Ask for references and inquire about the provider’s experience in dealing with medical facilities.

Price-performance ratio

A good provider does not always have to be the most expensive! Compare offers and pay attention to which services are included in the price. Sometimes, however, it is worth investing a little more for good long-term service and better quality.

If IT costs accumulate and add up after the implementation and optimization of various IT services, there is also the option of simply outsourcing the entire IT department. We offer this service and are happy to help with advice on the subject at any time.

Service contracts and support

Find out about the provider’s service contracts. Is 24/7 support available? We-IT offers this service by arrangement, for example. How quickly does the provider respond to technical problems? These factors can be decisive in an emergency and should be carefully checked before entering into a partnership.

Why we are the right provider

As explained above, choosing the right IT service provider is extremely important in the medical context. When it comes to IT for doctors, we-IT is not just a provider, but a partner at your side. An experienced medical practice IT service provider can ensure that the practice is always technologically up to date. We know that behind every technical decision lies the health and well-being of the patient. With us, you are not a number in the system, but an important member of a community that pursues the same goal:

Excellent patient care through innovative IT solutions. We focus on trust and the long term. Our experts are not only technically adept, but also understand the sensitive requirements of the healthcare sector. With we-IT, not only quality is selected, but also a feeling of security and reliability, which should be a prerequisite in the medical sector.