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Our Munich IT Security Services are designed to help your company in managing overall risk and improving security strategy.

To protect your critical IT environment, we offer IT Security and Disaster Recovery services.

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      The security of your data and information is critical to the success of your company

      Companies must ensure the security of corporate data while allowing users to remain productive in today’s mobile-first world. To protect your critical IT environment, we offer IT Security and Disaster Recovery services. From assessing the state of your vulnerabilities to providing day-to-day security functions, our team has the knowledge and expertise to give your company peace of mind.

      Our IT Security services include Cyber Security consulting to assess your environment and processes, Security Awareness Training , and Managed Services to protect your business from data and threats on an ongoing basis. Besides, our Munich Cyber security Insurance we will provide critical assistance in keeping your company afloat.

      Concerned about an incident or security breach?

      Contact us today, and we'll develop a plan for securing the computing that works for you and your business.

      What we-IT® can do for you :

      Endpoint protection

      Employees use billions of devices with varying capabilities, applications, and operating systems to access data and applications. Endpoint protection is the critical last line of defense in preventing cyber-attacks from compromising those devices and preventing sensitive information from falling into the hands of the wrong people. That is why you require the best possible security wherever your data resides. That is why you need we-IT®.

      Data Backup

      Regular data backup is essential for the reliable protection of your IT.

      Important company data must be stored and kept on a regular and up-to-date basis. The possibilities are manifold. Starting with the backup software, moving on to the proper storage media selection, and finally, determining how long you need to archive the data.

      We will work with you to determine the best total solution for data backup and then implement it in your company.

      Password management

      Good business password hygiene and practices are required to avoid data breaches. However, traditional password management practices can be overwhelming for both employees and Admins.

      we-IT® password management service empowers your workforce by reducing friction for users and IT teams. We provide a powerful and easy-to-use platform that allows you to secure your customers’ and your own passwords and sensitive data in secure, encrypted vaults. You can provision, manage and audit all of your customers from a central admin console, while still enforcing strict privacy and security policies for all users.

      Identity security

      Extensive identity security can help protect you from fraud, minimize damage, reduce hassles, compensate you for certain losses, and allow you to sleep better at night. we-IT® works around the clock to safeguard your data, protect your privacy, and prevent identity theft.

      Let we-IT® help you in keeping your sensitive information secure!

      Data loss prevention

      Data loss and security breaches are a problem for any company. we-IT® has a solution for companies that lack the technology, expertise, or budget to implement and manage their Data Loss Prevention program in-house. Our Data Loss Prevention service provides you with immediate access to Data Loss Prevention technologies that constantly monitor for and protect against insider threats and data exfiltration attempts, and it is managed by our team of security analysts.

      Email security

      Every day, new email threats emerge. Our Munich cyber security company ensures that your defensive systems are always one step ahead of attackers. With our Email Security services, you get regular health checks and the assurance that you’re protected with the most up-to-date patches, features, and releases.

      Vulnerability scanning / Penetration testing

      In today’s connected world, being able to identify your vulnerabilities before they are exploited is critical. Thousands of vulnerabilities are discovered each year, and companies scramble to stay on top of them. Typically, vulnerability scanning is followed by penetration testing, which aims to simulate the actions of external and internal intruders.

      we-IT® provides 24/7 Munich IT security services to secure our clients as well as to detect and respond to sophisticated cyber-threats, ensuring that your company is secure.


      Concerned about an incident or security breach?

      Contact us today, and we'll develop a plan for securing the computing that works for you and your business.

      Benefits of IT Security Services

      Productivity that is unbroken

      Security incidents frequently cause downtime, which results in lost productivity when your systems are unavailable. When these occurrences are avoided proactively, increased availability leads to improved performance.

      The Most Recent Security Measures

      We can provide you with the most recent security measures to combat threats to your IT environment. The best way to avoid potential security issues is to stay ahead of the curve.

      Risk Reduction

      You can strategically strengthen security by identifying vulnerabilities in your system and the level of risk to your company.


      By eliminating the need for full-time IT security personnel, you can cut your staffing costs.

      Better Use of Your Resources

      Our security services allow your IT staff to make better use of their time by focusing on areas of growth and performance rather than spending time concerned with security monitoring.

      Certified Assistance

      Our IT security team is knowledgeable and has industry-recognized certifications


      Competent Microsoft Solution Partner at your service

      For many years, we have been your certified Microsoft Partner and support you on your way moving to the Cloud. We help you with cutting-edge concepts and effective enhancements that allow you to optimize your operational potential.

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