With our Managed Services your IT will run smoothly

Is maintenance of your IT area increasingly becoming a stressing job and a cost trap factor? Are costs getting out of hand,  security issues starting to appear or your skills and results are not always as clearly distributed as you would like?

There is a proven solution: just outsource your entire IT to our company! As an experienced IT Managed Service Provider, we can offer you many benefits that the in-house IT does not bring.

Your IT in our hands, brings a lot to small and medium-sized businesses. Once the infrastructure is in our experienced hands, your company can concentrate on its core tasks. This leaves enough time for new and really important projects and freeing precious energy to grow and evolve.

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The right solution for every company

Our team finds the right balance of internal operations and IT outsourcing for every size of company.

As an experienced managed service provider, we also know the right model for your company. For small companies, an internal IT operation is often oversized and devours more resources than necessary. Outsourcing has enormous savings potential here.

For medium-sized and larger companies, the situation is usually different:

Here, as a managed service provider, we get the best out of IT and make it far more effective and economical.

You always have control!

Outsourcing never means that you are not in control of your IT and your data. 

As an managed service provider, we also offer you our services without external outsourcing of sensitive data. If you wish, we can also help you to better protect this particularly valuable data from cyber attacks. 

As an experienced managed service provider (MSP), we offer not only competent support but also the operation of servers and other IT infrastructure facilities or cloud structures.

No matter the budget!

This form of outsourcing is perfect for your company’s budget. Even companies that only have a small IT budget benefit from our managed services. In this case, investing in a well-functioning and secure IT is also worthwhile. This usually comes much cheaper than  managing failures and errors afterwards.

A particular economic advantage is the transparent costs of this care model. Instead of incalculable investment, you can use a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to plan the costs month by month. The contractually fixed contribution does not change as a rule.

The flexibility of this solution also speaks for our managed services. Today it is more important than ever to flexibly adapt your IT to the demands of the market. New systems and technologies require constantly to be considered or discussed, for which competent support and advice are important. Even the currently used systems and software solutions are kept up to date as MSP.

In terms of communication, we are also leaders. When companies outsource their IT and choose a foreign partner, communication issues are often pre-programmed. We do not have such difficulties. We are always there for you as your Managed Services Provider on site.

The main benefits in short:

Now let’s take a look at all the benefits that managed services bring to your IT department or business.

Your own IT stuff will be relieved

Using managed services, IT tasks can be outsourced with pinpoint accuracy. This gives the in-house IT staff more time for their actual projects. They are mainly relieved of repetitive routine tasks such as patch management or backups. These tasks are indispensable, but also very time consuming. Managed services do these routines reliably and efficiently.

Active action instead of damage control

Targeted monitoring and current analyzes ensure that your company always keeps track of the activities and performance of your IT infrastructure. Automated warnings alert in good time when risks arise and protect against disruptions in the operational procedure. We realize proactive management and thus significantly increase the stability and security of IT.

Customized Solutions

Our range of Managed Services allows services tailored exactly to each customer and, on request, a complete service. These solutions are always seamlessly integrated into the company’s own infrastructure, thus ensuring the best possible interaction of the hardware and software. We can access solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of SMEs. These solutions are not only powerful, they also increase data security very effectively.

Transparency and Economy

Our billing models are always transparent and user-oriented. They provide an optimal overview of all costs incurred for the managed service. Monthly fixed cost solutions make the IT budget predictable and protect against unpleasant surprises caused by unforeseen events and claims. This facilitates the control of the expenses and provides planning security.

Better performance and scalability

Our managed services are tailored to customer requirements. An additional infrastructure is not required. We adapt all services very flexibly to your wishes and needs.

What we can do for you

For a good reason, managed services are a fixed element in Germany’s major companies. But even small and medium-sized companies can benefit from their many opportunities and advantages. This way,  cutting edge IT services can be used accurately without straining the employees’ own budget and workforce.

As an managed service provider, we offer you a wide range of tools for all types of IT services.

With a fixed monthly amount, you benefit from the following benefits:

Minimize downtime

Every minute your computer system is unavailable costs a lot of money. We minimize failures and disruptions and prevent impending data loss. This saves them not only from financial losses, but also from damage to the image and prevents angry customers from switching to the competitors.

Optimizing your IT security

Especially small and medium-sized enterprises are the preferred targets of cybercriminalsSleep better with us: We make sure your IT infrastructure and data are secure. Whether anti-virus strategy, firewall or backup: we optimize your IT security!

Competitive support

Did you know that, on average, one out of three office workers spends around eight hours a month working on IT tasks that they are not responsible for? We take care and that your team can concentrate on their core tasks – without disruptions and interruptions! Our team does everything around software, hardware and user support.

Our included services:

As an IT Full Service Provider, we take care of your servers and workstations 24 hours a day, seven days a week! The backup is also included. Likewise, the complete protection of your IT, including e-mail protection and Web protection as well as the monitoring of your network around the clock. We make sure that your IT works in every way, while always keeping us in the background without disrupting your ongoing operations. This also applies to the entire patch management and the system update, which we do efficiently and, as it were, without friction losses. And of course for all other maintenance and security measures that keep your IT well protected. When it comes to support, our bar is also high: remote or on-site – we keep all system components in good condition!

On request, all hardware is included!

The special feature of our portfolio: For a fixed monthly rate, we offer not only help desk and service, but also all hardware – including PCs, notebooks or monitors. This hardware is provided by us and always kept up to date when needed. All this is available at a fixed price per user and per month. This depends on the size of the company and of course the scope of the services provided: the hardware, the backup and security services and the help desk included.

We are also there for you in the strategic planning of your IT infrastructure! Benefit from our many years of experience and comprehensive expertise: We evaluate what you really need, so that your IT is powerful and fit for the future.

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