Providing desktops from the cloud

Choosing to deploy their desktop service through the cloud servers of third-party managed service providers is the only way forward for many businesses operating remotely. Regardless of the size of the business, cloud-hosted services such as DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) are quickly gaining popularity in the cloud computing space, because of the improved cloud availability and reliability of these services.

These services operate on the outsourcing principle from third-party vendors, offering better availability and flexibility of their cloud solutions. This works by leasing the existing infrastructure to new clients and utilizing more space on the cloud servers of the provider for a monthly charge.

How managed desktop services give you better cloud availability?

The reason why DaaS, SaaS, and IaaS have become so popular in recent years is the convenience and the affordability of these services, which would otherwise impose big capital costs on SMEs if companies lack the infrastructure to deploy their software or desktops from local servers. Running your own on-premise technology, maintaining and consistently monitoring the performance of your server architecture requires big upfront costs and long-term commitments. DaaS eliminates those worries by giving you a highly available desktop deployment round the clock, at a fixed monthly charge and no obligations.

What is the effect of low cloud availability on your desktop service?

In previous blog posts, we have already dropped the terms reliability and availability in the context of DaaS. Now we will proceed to discuss what they actually mean in more detail in the context of your desktop service. All in all, these two terms are commonly used in the IT domain as parameters evaluating the quality of your desktop environment, without experiencing disruptions and loading downtimes of your service. Better cloud availability for your business means that your end-users will be enjoying fast and efficient desktop service, which is being hosted on third-part server sites. This takes away the time, the efforts, and the concerns from businesses about the quality of their desktop solution, which should operate seamlessly for every end-user.

What low cloud availability of DaaS means for your business is having a desktop deployment system that operates inefficiently, while suffering more disruptions and failure over time. This is certainly posing more risk on the data integrity of your company which should be safely stored, processed, and retrieved upon request at high availability. The worst thing about having using a virtual desktop service that is underperforming is the frustration from experiencing downtime regularly, resulting in poorer operational functionality, and thus lower customer satisfaction. Having a highly reliable and available desktop service guarantees that your workload is not suffering any downtime, and you can be more confident in your own process and services overall. When you are choosing a cloud desktop provider to deploy your desktops, make sure you find ones that have multiple data centers in a number of locations so that you can rely on the better availability of DaaS.

What is parallel and distributed processing in the context of high availability?

To define what better availability means when we are talking about DaaS, we need to clarify two main terms, commonly used in the same context. Parallel computing, also known as parallel processing, is a mathematical model which IT specialists use to run your desktop applications on multiple cloud servers simultaneously. Distributed systems is another key term which we use to refer to the dedicated machines used to implement your cloud operations, by giving you access to the internal storage space in the architecture of the cloud provider. Parallel processing and distributed systems are used commonly together to describe cloud-based services as more available but in more technical jargon. The take-home message here is that in order to have an optimally performing desktop service, you need a well-managed infrastructure that runs in multiple server locations by persistently monitored designated machines.

Advantages of DaaS over other desktop deployment methods

Every existing customer knows how important it is to have a highly reliable and available desktop service at all times. Choosing a cloud provider that operates their infrastructure at the highest standards in the industry guarantees you better peace of mind that you can rely on quality desktop service with no interruptions. we-IT is a third-party cloud vendor which is operating a continuously monitored distributed system while ensureing smooth communication between departments and messages internally. This is a more sophisticated desktop deployment method that guarantees you better cloud availability of your applications, and subsequently an improved company performance.

Choosing a cloud desktop solution that is highly available helps businesses focus on their core functions without experiencing unnecessary stress with system downtimes and missed deadlines.