The insurance industry moves fast and greater resilience is required by companies wanting to stay on the leading edge of their marketplace. Building complex processes and applications that don’t align with the existing hardware infrastructure of insurance businesses can put a substantial strain on IT teams, as well as executives, looking to speed up the process of new products coming to market, and ultimately achieve a higher capital turnover in a very short stretch of time.

Cloud Computing For The Insurance Sector


What the insurance sector really needs is a scalable service model that delivers new services or products quickly, increases employee productivity, and reduces the operating expenses of the company. Cloud desktop solutions cater to the deployment needs as well as the user experience requirements of the majority of insurance businesses on the marketplace at the minute. These are highly advanced and scalable cloud computing solutions that follow the pay-per-use principle and provide computing capabilities, data storage, automated software deployment, and IT resources such as maintenance and user support on demand.

Rather than developing complex processes and integrating them along the whole value chain, cloud computing can provide the whole infrastructure, service, and skillset that is required for the facilitation of the entire pipeline in one go. It helps insurance businesses deploy products that are the perfect right fit for their desktop environment , instead of matching all the bits and pieces in a multiplex puzzle of operations and processes- the wrong way around. In addition, virtual desktop solutions such as DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) facilitate the digital transformation journey of the company by providing the technology, security, and collaboration tools that every insurance firm needs to stay in business.

What do cloud desktop solutions offer to insurance companies?

Cost reductions


There is always a surmountable amount of pressure in the insurance business to improve the ever-increasing profit margins and generate higher revenue each year. This is often one of the main reasons why insurers turn to cloud desktop solutions in the first place. Cloud computing as a service decreases both CapEx and OpEx simultaneously by allowing insurance companies to cut their costs effectively and meet their strict financial targets for the year. There are no upfront costs for application developments, IT maintenance, or test and development of new applications. Scaling actuarial computation and storage capacities to achieve higher processing power on a customer service level is also achieved at a lower cost than what a typical investment in servers and data warehouses would require.

Higher business agility


Increased agility is just as important as high-cost cuttings if an insurance company wants to stay in business for long. Consumer demands are ever rising and streamlining new products that meet the complex needs of customers is a number one priority to the majority of the successful companies in the industry. The way cloud solutions help insurers achieve higher agility is by giving them the scalability capabilities and the dynamic provisioning to make new market developments happen faster in a secure automated environment – without any added costs or system complications. By relying on a flexible and available desktop solution, insurers can also confidently handle peaks and provide excellent service to their customers regardless of the time and their geographical position.

Examples of insurance companies utilizing and benefiting from virtual desktops


There is an increasing number of insurance companies embracing the cloud as a business opportunity and a way to address their recurrent operational issues. It is not uncommon to see insurance companies turning to cloud desktops as a solution to offshore developers requiring access to a secure desktop environment from a remote location. Another common use case we see is having mid-sized insurance companies utilizing cloud desktops across the whole enterprise. This is an effective approach if the business values ​​the high integrity of its operations, effective management along the value chain, and fast provisioning to new employees. Security and centralized monitoring are also of the highest priority to these clients who rely on rigorous data protection and advanced cyber threat prevention for the entire enterprise on the cloud.

Final words


Insurance companies are seeking third-party solutions such as DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. They often choose it as a way to support their complex models with computing capacity or to optimize their operations entirely by switching from in-house developments and integration to cloud deployments by managed services providers such as we-IT.

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