Vendors moving enterprise software to the cloud has become a ‘megatrend’ in the cloud computing sector for the past decade. Previously, the most common case for companies was to operate data centers of their own by running their software on-premises. This model has been gradually overrun by cloud adoption due to the many benefits that software vendors could reap out of cloud services, without having to make heavy commitments or laborious transitions.

According to a financial report by Morgan Stanley, software vendors and enterprises using traditional servers to run their applications are predicted to become only one-third of the total applications used by companies by 2022. The remaining percentage will likely be overtaken by cloud-hosted software which is deployed from the data centers of third-party MSPs like we-IT . The cloud is steadily paving its way into the digital business age of today, setting the bar high for independent software vendors if they want to stay on the leading edge of their marketplace.

Software Vendors And Cloud-first Strategies


Cloud-first models are operations strategies that require full or nearly full transitioning of the vendor infrastructure to the cloud. The benefits that can be leveraged with this transformation are substantial if the migration is handled proficiently. This is why before moving to the cloud , every software vendor should carefully consider the credibility and the expertise of their cloud provider, so that the enterprise is certain that down the line, there will be no risk of compliance, licensing, or performance issues, rendering their applications unusable.

In the next few sections, we are sharing some of the key reasons why the cloud-first strategy has become the preferred model for a large number of software vendors аcross the globe, who are urging to stay competitive in the cut-throat marketplace that is software development.

6 benefits for software vendors:


Lower Costs


One of the primary benefits of cloud-first strategies for software vendors is the reduction in capital costs from on-premise infrastructure and recurring maintenance expenditures. If a typical software vendor needs to scale up or down their data storage facility based on the fluctuations in demand, the spendings could be ruthless. With cloud-hosted software, your customers will be able to find and acquire your applications directly from the cloud provider, thus eliminating any CapEx and OpEx associated with running the software on-premise.

Faster deployment


By deploying their applications from the cloud, software vendors rely on highly performing cloud computing infrastructure (offered as desktop-as-a-service or DaaS) to do the job quickly and smoothly. Cloud providers nowadays are capable of deploying the software in seconds, which gives customers immediate access to the application, without the frustration of long waiting times.

Improved customer satisfaction


Better deployment, minimal assistance, and faster operations almost always mean higher customer satisfaction. By transitioning your software to the cloud, your customers will be able to use the product from anywhere and any end device that is connected to the internet. Cloud desktop services give users better flexibility, which ultimately brings you higher satisfaction with your products.

Greater Business Opportunities


As a software vendor, you have a lot of responsibilities weighing on your shoulders, and staying competitive is one of them. If you want to reach wider markets with your products, the cloud will certainly help you distribute your product all across the globe. It’s down to the cloud provider to make sure that the deployment takes place in every corner of the world, thanks to the data center locations provisioning your applications securely to every one of your customers regardless of their geographical position.

Better Security For Software Vendors


If you partner with a cloud provider like we-IT, you know you can rely on the high-end security monitoring of their data centers. Cloud solutions like DaaS are complying with the highest cyber security standards in the sector. There are dedicated professionals who safeguard the cloud from intrusions round the clock, so there are no concerns for software vendors on that front.

Focus on core functions


Last, but not least, with a cloud-first approach, you gain more valuable time as a company developing software, rather than exhausting your resources on a never-ending current of upgrades on your infrastructure. By handling over their deployment to cloud providers, software vendors can finally focus on their core functions such as prototypes testing, development of new features and innovation.

Final words


Choosing the cloud and migrating your software infrastructure entirely may seem daunting at first. Nevertheless, we know from experience that the benefits far outweigh the challenges that a software vendor needs to take to complete the cloud adoption process successfully.

If you want to know more about DaaS and how your software can be effectively tansitioned to the cloud, feel free to contact our helpful teams for more information.