Delivering applications on the cloud has substantial benefits for your business and your customers. The global digital transformation market is predicted to grow by 2024 up to a market value of $16.8 billion, equivalent to a surge of 12% in size for the period between 2019 and 2024. In other words, this also means an increase of 50% to the number of software applications, nearly one-third of which are likely to be hosted in public clouds, and another 40% of that fraction will be delivered on private clouds.

If you are considering moving your software applications to the cloud, continue reading to find out some of the main benefits for your company and end-user experience.

Your business can reach customers globally


If you deliver your applications on the cloud, the chances are that you will expand your customer reach to locations in every corner of the world. Once it’s deployed from the data center of a cloud provider, your application will be able to run seamlessly in every country, time zone, and with every customer, regardless of the language barrier and spatial challenges. This also means that all technical maintenance is dealt with on the cloud and your applications won’t require installing additional configuration, and routine maintenance support in various corners of the world at all times. This can really boost your business with the right approach to new customers and a solid cloud-first strategy for your applications.

End users get a better experience with your applications


In a fast racing market where software companies always look for something to outstrip their competition, providing an excellent user experience can give you a head start over applications that are lagging behind in their transformation journey. Faster and smoother access to the software solution is critical to gaining and retaining customers in a busy marketplace. Multi-tenant cloud infrastructure can provide you with an all-around solution for your applications since new end-users can be given access in no time, without time-consuming setup steps and quick deployment of the applications to every end-user regardless. Pre-establishing and arranging licensing agreements with each individual customer is also not necessary since the whole delivery will be managed centrally for everyone. Another great benefit of cloud delivery for your applications is that users can access the software from any device and operating system. The cloud runs on the principle of virtualized desktop sessions where applications can be accessed remotely via a browser, rather than local physical storage. In the modern-day, having a flexible workforce is crucial for business clients and software vendors should ideally be able to cater to these needs and demands.

No software installation is required


We mentioned briefly that application delivery on the cloud requires no installations by the software vendor, but also none from the users. The way cloud applications work is by downloading a file and launching the given application directly over the internet. This could be very beneficial for both businesses and customers having trouble navigating through application installation processes from one end to the other. Third-party providers like we-IT that deliver software on the cloud have made it possible for software vendors to forget about general maintenance and troubleshooting of day-to-day end-user issues, and instead, focus on their core app developments and modifications. Another way to look at this from the perspective of the customer is by lowering the costs they spend on hardware that could support some of these applications if they were not to be delivered on the cloud.

Better performance means fast and easy updates


The best we keep for last. This is deemed to be one of the most beneficial features of applications delivered on the cloud. Your company can be pushing new updates and the user experience will not be affected by this even slightly. Applications on the cloud are much easier to update and your customers will always be secured with the latest version regardless of the time or place they are positioned.

Applications on the cloud are becoming an increasingly popular choice for new and existing software vendors building their solutions on the cloud or transitioning at a later stage.

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