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      Helpdesk – two levels of support

      Even minor technical issues can quickly stymie your company’s operations if proper support is not in place. Our Munich IT help desk services are designed to provide you with comprehensive assistance when you require it the most. Our IT help desk service technicians in Munich are ready to assist with any IT-related issues that may arise. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our support experts evaluates the urgency and impact on your business of each technical issue that arises and prioritizes them from most critical to least critical.

      we-IT® provides two levels of support. We take over the independent processing of tickets in 1st level support with the Quick Support service. Our support experts take over the error analysis and strive to resolve as many tickets as possible themselves. The 1st level of support is priced on a flat-rate basis.

      With the 2nd level support, our support experts take over the complete processing of assigned tickets within the scope of a service range and scope agreed upon in the service certificate. The pricing plan for 2nd level support is customized for your company.

      You're not sure what level of support your company needs?

      Our support experts will assist you in selecting the best option for your requirements.

      What Are the Benefits of Helpdesk IT Support?

      Making Room for Your Team

      The availability of on-demand technical support boosts business efficiency by reducing the number of time employees must spend troubleshooting technology issues.

      Quicker Resolution Times

      The availability of live support personnel speeds up the resolution of issues much more than a software-based service.

      Access to a Skilled Team

      Our team of Munich help desk technicians trained in a wide range of technical disciplines, allowing us to solve a wide range of problems.

      Analysis of the Root Causes

      Problem tracking can help in identifying trends in recurring issues and root causes, resulting in a faster resolution in the future.

      IT Support Tailored to Your Business

      Support personnel understand your company’s needs and are well-versed in its objectives.

       Your Team can be focused on strategic initiatives

      Reduced in-house IT staff enables you to properly deploy resources to assist you in meeting your business objectives.

      Helpdesk IT-Unterstützung
      Helpdesk IT-Unterstützung

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