Introduction to Mobile Device Management


Employees all over the world are using smart mobile devices such as laptops and tablets to access their work applications. A study conducted by Deloitte shows that nearly 42% of the German remote workforce uses their smartphones to do work as an easier alternative to physical desktops in an office or home space. The majority of them use their devices to schedule or attend meetings and to exchange messages through communication apps such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Slack. Since a large percentage of the remote workforce does not use a designated desk space to perform their work duties, mobile devices and appropriate security measures have become necessary constituents for their operation, to make sure that the work that they do complies with the standards while keeping the flexible lifestyles of the employees in check.


During the beginning of the global pandemic, there was a 15% increase in the number of cybercrime attacks targetted at mobile devices of remote workers. Because of how small the screens are and the temptation that users get to click on notifications, the threat of phishing and other malicious attacks has become more imminent than ever before. This highlights the importance of utilizing solutions like Mobile Device Management (MDM) so that big fleets can be controlled and safeguarded against cybercrime, data loss, and breaches.

Mobile Device Management Solution Explained


A Mobile Device Management solution is essentially software that allows companies to govern the use of mobile devices for personal and professional purposes when connected to a corporate network. It gives administrators the tools to implement security measures and company policies on mobile devices in order to achieve compliance and the safety of corporate data.

What are the functions of the Mobile Device Management solution?


Depending on the service provider, the functions of the solution can vary greatly. This software uses servers to push certain configurations and policies on the client endpoint devices, managed centrally by a dedicated team of IT administrators. It is they who deploy apps,manage application permissions and enforce encryption to protect client devices before threats have become an issue. Administrators can also restrict the use of Wi-Fi, cameras, and Bluetooth when they consider mobile devices to be at risk of cybercrime. Different settings, VPNs, and updates are also frequently pushed externally to make sure that the devices operate up to speed and safely at all times.


When your company uses a Mobile Device Management solution, you can choose the extent to which protection is enforced on the endpoint devices of your employees. This solution even allows administrators to lock the devices or format everything that is stored physically in the phone or tablet in cases of unauthorized access attempts by malicious actors and thieves.

Industry Use Cases for MDM


Every business that supports a mobile workforce can benefit from MDM. These next few industries are particularly well-suited for this solution due to the nature of their remote work and the frequent use of mobile devices by the employees and other end users.



Most students use tablets, phones, and laptops to access their learning platforms. This sector is very susceptible to cyber-attacks due to the excessive use of mobile devices and the lack of proper security awareness skills of the users. MDM can be effectively used to prevent the use of harmful websites, putting institutional data at risk.



This sector relies a lot on mobile devices to make appointments, scheduling, and registering patient data an altogether more efficient process. Maintaining the confidentiality of the records is of utmost importance, which is why solutions like MDM are vital to make sure that data is kept safe from attacks, loss of data, and breaches.

Hospitality & Retails


Other sectors that benefit a lot from MDM are the hospitality & retail sector. Restaurants, bars, and shops often keep their financial and customer data on the mobile devices they use for their day-to-day operation. This can endanger the integrity of the information and harm the reputation of the businesses as a whole.


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