MDM or Mobile device management is a process that adds an extra layer of security between the corporate network and the mobile devices of the remote workforce. This solution allows administrators to enforce and control different policies directly to the endpoint devices so that sensitive corporate information is safeguarded from public network intrusions and malicious attempts.

How does mobile device management work?


Mobile device management is practically a software solution that runs in a centralized server location such as a cloud data center. Administrators who are in charge of this solution would typically use a console that can distribute the policies to the client devices. They communicate these via APIs into the OS of the mobile devices and make sure that the right policies are installed to ensure the security and functionality of the endpoints at all times. Through this management platform, administrators can also push new configurations and applications remotely from the central server to every mobile endpoint in the client network.

Mobile device management for the BYOD model


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at work started as a trend nearly 20 years ago when the first smart devices started appearing in the shops and online. Nonetheless, this model did not become so popular and widely adopted by companies until the beginning of the global pandemic. It was only recently when BYODtook over for many start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses that moved operations from the security of their office network to home offices and unprotected mobile devices. The advent of BYOD brought with it solutions like mobile device management, which were absolutely necessary to keep corporate data safe and separated from the user information on their personal tablets, PCs, and smartphone devices. MDM works for these environments by creating an app wrapping, which provides an extra layer of security and control over the software installed on the mobile devices. Mobile device management solutions are also made to keep personal and work profiles separate so that the user’s privacy is maintained alongside their online security.

The importance of using MDM for your company


The key to this mobile governance solution is to allow employees to work from their portable devices without putting their company’s security at risk. Mobile device management creates better confidence in employers and staff that their sensitive information is safeguarded proficiently by providers like we-IT, regardless of the network the users choose to access their work applications. MDM follows a very simple but seamless methodology that gives IT teams better control over mobile applications without trespassing the bounds of personal data and confidential files outside these user applications.

What are the advantages of using mobile device management?


Businesses that choose BYOD or a hybrid model, requiring the use of mobile devices, need a streamlined solution like MDM that works as an extra layer of security and control over the systems’ functionality. Apart from these two functions, mobile device management solutions present many additional benefits for employers and employees, which is why they are so popular and highly sought after by remotely operating businesses.

MDM improves the efficiency of your workflow by enabling the distribution of customized policies which work for the specific user or application. This solution is also known to boost the productivity of the staff by introducing blocklisting apps and policies that help employees stay more focused on their work-related tasks. What’s more, this third-party solution can help businesses meet their compliance standards even when they adopt the BYOD model, which on its own is considered less secure and non-compliant with regulatory standards like ISO, HIPAA, and GDPR. MDM will give you better mobile security and governance altogether by keeping the peace of mind of employees, employers, and customers all at once.

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