The main winning feature of the security awareness program by we-IT is the practical plan that equips employees with practical knowledge throughout the entire training. we-IT ASAP is one of the leading security environment platforms currently on the marketplace, used by businesses in all sectors and sizes. It is developed to meet the training needs of virtually all types of enterprises and to provide them with high-quality training content that serves the purpose of preventing social engineering attacks at all levels in the organization.

What makes a quality security awareness training program?


The primary goal of every cybersecurity awareness training is to equip the employee with an understanding of the dangers within their cyber environment so that the risk of attacks is mitigated, and online security is enhanced. Not every security training, however, is prepared to equip the workforce with practical skills that could be applied straight away against the ongoing exposure to threats in cyberspace. This is what differentiates an effective security training approach from an ineffective one – the ability to develop lifelong skills and change in attitude to online security towards better awareness and prevention of threats at the point of user experience. we-IT Security Awareness Program is a competency-based training platform that aims to equip your employees with over 300 essential cybersecurity skills.

Why is this security platform so effective?


we-IT Security Awareness Training is very effective because of its focus on helping employees develop practical skills. In order to do so, we-IT comes up with a state-of-the-art training approach that puts the human factor and people’s learning capabilities at the core of its training model. The content is easy to understand, interactive, and well-thought-out so that the information employees receive is highly relevant to them and easily digestible. It follows a constant reinforcement approach, along with consistent testing of the acquired cybersecurity skills through simulated attacks and level tests.

This training by we-IT is exceptional in the way it considers the human memory and the ability of people to gain long-lasting skills in the fight against cybercrime. What’s more, it creates a positive for online security that motivates employees to learn and learn more about the topic as they go on with their daily workload online.

What to expect in the training content?


This security training awareness program covers 9 essential topics, each of which goes into several levels of difficulty and skills acquired. Level 1 of the training eliminates low levels of risks online and it trains employees on how to protect their company from easy and mass attacks. The higher the level, the greater the risk that employees will learn how to eliminate. High-risk treats are the ones that are targeted at specific employees in the company and have a more sophisticated mode of tricking people in. For instance, a beginner trainee learns how to recognize fake pop-up threats while an advanced user learns about sophisticated fake hyperlinks, blank SEO websites, and mining on browsers.

What makes this security training methodology stand out?


One of the many winning features of we-IT’s security awareness training approach is its continuous incremental learning methodology. In simple words, this means training content that is built to increase the knowledge by gradually increasing the level of difficulty. Employees will continuously expand on their cyber security skills and gain a solid foundation on many topics that are reinforced through repetition and positive reinforcements. This approach follows the method by Ebbinghouse, which is based on the understanding of memory, learning, and cognition. The learning materials are structured to follow the interval learning methodology which is also referred to as the “forgetting curve”. All of these considerations make the training content incredibly practical to all employees, regardless of their role and previous experience with cybersecurity.

Final words


The security training awareness program by we-IT uses a winning learning approach that equips employees with practical skills that improve the security of their environment. Continuous reinforcement, interactive sessions, and an interval learning methodology are only three of many features in the program that make it effective for all employees and businesses!


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