Cloud computing technology such as DaaS saves businesses money by reducing their recurrent capital and operational costs. Recent surveys show that over 94% of enterprises currently rely on cloud services for their day-to-day operations. This shows clearly that the majority of companies gain tangible benefits by utilizing the technology while they gain better budget predictability and more cost savings than any other managed service on the marketplace.

But how do we lower the operating costs with cloud-computing technologies like DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) and manage to reduce the capital costs on the grand scale of things? In the next few paragraphs, we are looking at several examples of use cases for achieving lower operating costs with DaaS in a business scenario.

The financial cost of using obsolete technology is another one worth putting into a wider context before we give you the examples. When using old technology an enterprise risks financial loss from investing in the hardware infrastructure and gaining little or no return on their investment. These issues raise the question about budget friendlier alternatives than traditional hardware like Desktop-as-a-Service and the cost savings achieved with the cloud-computing solution.

The Four Savings from Costs That Come with DaaS

Smaller initial investment


When choosing to opt for DaaS instead of the traditional hardware infrastructure in physical devices, you save immediately from big investments. Instead of purchasing a large fleet of company laptops that require regular maintenance, you could only be paying a subscription charge for an IT service that is fully managed for you. Unlike traditional infrastructure, DaaS is staying in touch with the latest cloud computing innovations without adding to the costs of the client. It delivers an invaluable service to remotely operating businesses and it requires no upfront investments. Other desktop virtualization products like VDI on today’s marketplace are merely unaffordable to most small and mid-sized businesses. 

No maintenance costs with DaaS


There are no maintenance costs when you are already paying for an IT service like DaaS. The price of your subscription includes regular updates and service maintenance so you don’t have to pay third parties for the same types of services. Few vendors like we-IT offer maintenance as part of the subscription, so you actually save a whole lot from using these services if you don’t have IT teams on-site. And if you do have in-house IT professionals handling your maintenance then you will certainly be experiencing a boost in their productivity and efficiency into their core tasks. What’s a better way to outpace your competitors and create new streams of revenue than having your expert team focus on bigger development projects as they drive the digital transformation of their businesses. Another big part of the cost savings in maintenance is the expense that a company would normally have to provide the right conditions for their own hardware infrastructure on site. The price for hosting on-premises infrastructure which includes cooling, powering of the stations could really increase the operating costs, which then could limit future opportunities and investments down the line.

Saving from Security Features


One of the main beneficial features of cloud services like DaaS is the increased data security that comes with a lower risk from breaches. There are multiple layers of protection on the cloud servers of the providers but also infrastructure monitoring practices that guarantee the security of all vulnerabilities like updates and patches. With traditional desktop infrastructure, this security cost is much higher but also barely as worthy. Desktop-as-a-Services gives customers a comprehensive security assurance that their data on the cloud is in good hands and fully protected from malicious attacks.

Your Increase Your Cost Savings With DaaS


There is no better infrastructure as a service on the marketplace than DaaS. In terms of cost-efficiency, Desktop-as-a-Services comes out as a definite winner against services or technologies by delivering innovation, high performance, and maximum security for the cost of a small monthly subscription fee!