DaaS in the legal sector

There are a number of challenges that the legal industry has to face in the age of high compliance standards and workload unpredictability. The majority of law firms and legal service providers have moved to remote operations since the start of the pandemic, which has put these problems into a greater perspective whilst compounding the need for better alternatives to the traditional desktop means. The demand for highly available, scalable, and secure cloud solutions like Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) thus reached an all-time high during these times as a response to the urgent need by the sector to tackle these challenges immediately.

How did cloud desktops respond to these challenges in the legal sector?


Cloud-computing solutions like DaaS gained popularity soon after the legal sector was forced to move their operations outside their physical locations.  The advantages of using cloud services have been recognized in the legal field and cloud desktop solutions slowly paved their way into the organization of remotely operating firms and service providers. Offered with better flexibility and higher usability of their desktop environments, the sector not only found an all-in-one solution to their problems but also benefitted significantly by choosing DaaS in the long term. In addition to better agility, legal companies achieved advanced security and scalability of their desktop service than what was previously possible. Regardless of the size of the company and the nature of their operations, cloud desktop solutions turned out to be the best and easiest-to-implement alternatives in the current times for all organizations that are opting for the transition.

Accessible from anywhere with DaaS


Lawyers and legal professionals could have very different workloads based on what they do. A big part of the legal practitioners spends their working hours in front of the screen at home or in their office, while others interchange locations and handle their workload on the go. There are also contractors who never have to commute to central company locations and they normally spend their days working from home or anywhere remotely. This explains briefly why desktop accessibility could be an issue for an organization that relies on traditional outdated hardware infrastructure offering limited usability from remote locations as a response to all their employee’s needs. DaaS offers better accessibility to desktop applications by delivering a service that is highly available from any location provided that there is a stable internet connection. This way, all employees can benefit from a more accessible desktop environment and be more productive in their roles within the legal sector.

Better Security with DaaS


Data security and confidentiality of client information have always been points of concern for legal firms. These can become central issues for a company that is only providing physical devices for their employees or they are utilizing a BYOD work model offering minimum security. Desktop-as-a-Service gives legal companies the choice to improve their security by having all of their data in a centralized location, rather than on the endpoint devices of the employees. Virtual desktops are managed by third parties and data security is a central priority to vendors guaranteeing the safe storage of client data on server locations. Stringent monitoring of the cloud infrastructure and easy-to-implement access controls give legal firms the peace of mind that their data can only be accessed by authorized users and any unauthorized access into the system will be detected and removed as a threat. DaaS providers like we-IT also perform regular maintenance like patching and updates in order to have a fully secure desktop environment deployed to their legal clients and each individual employee.

Scalable DaaS for legal firms


The legal sector like others also experiences ups and downs in the number of work firms take throughout the year. The lack of predictability can impose larger costs on companies that are inflexible with scaling up and down their operations based on the current workload requirements. Many companies spend unthinkable sums of money on hardware that does not get used or only rarely. Cloud desktop solutions like DaaS eliminates these problems by allowing legal firms to be more flexible when it comes to provisioning new desktops based on the existing demand. By adding or removing new tenants to your cloud desktop subscription, your legal company can afford to be more agile with finding the right workforce at the right time to complete the important operations remotely from any location.


Desktop-as-a-Service is the best desktop virtualization solution currently in the marketplace for the legal sector. To find out more about the different benefits that come with DaaS, get in touch with our team and we will get back to you shortly!