Digitalization has taken over many critical sectors including education, healthcare, and manufacturing. In this blog, we are mainly discussing the impact of IT innovations and virtualization technologies in educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, and other academic bodies. For all of the aforementioned, the advantages of using cloud computing solutions like DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) far outweigh the disadvantages! In fact, cloud desktops are so cost-effective and proficient in performance that one could say that there are no disadvantages when it comes to adopting managed cloud services.

How is the cloud changing the education sector?


With the increasing accessibility of technology to the regular customer, we see digitalization paving its way in sectors like education. There are more smart tablets, digital boards, and other portable devices in the classroom than ever before. This makes the educational institutions a great candidate for bringing in more innovation, which could boost performance, creativity, and efficiency in academic environments. Once the infrastructure is there and is data stored on physical devices, there’s the potential to move this data to a centralized location and improve the performance of all systems working for the institution. Why would you like your data to be stored in a third-party server location? Because then your information is safe and your applications on every device are always performing at their best.

What important advantages are there of using cloud desktop solutions in education?


Unlimited access improves academic performance


Most students have at least one smart device at their disposal. A lot of the time they use their portable devices for academic purposes such as storing projects and important documents on the physical hardware or accessing their school portals and education apps remotely. This raises the question of accessibility and availability of the desktop service that students have to deal with on a daily basis. The education sector has the serious task of reconsidering its traditional methods in order to make sure that everyone involved can benefit the most from technology for academic purposes. Cloud desktop solutions like DaaS are a perfect addition to the existing hardware infrastructure and they are guaranteed to boost the productivity of students in the digital age. Having a desktop service that a student or an employee can access remotely from anywhere and at any given point in time means that there are no limitations to completing deadlines and working towards the next goals.

Schools offering physical hardware on-site are even more limited by the accessibility of their infrastructure to students.  Often times they need to travel in order to complete certain assignments which could hamper their performance overall. DaaS can be a great alternative for these types of schools that look to improve their academic approach to IT systems and their limited accessibility.

Less Maintenance Means Less stress


We know that using a highly available cloud desktop solution like DaaS can really reduce the stress levels of students and staff who are operating remotely. Since everyone can access desktops from virtually everywhere, then why worry about missing a deadline due to service interruptions or other technical problems. With local desktops, this could also be challenging in terms of servicing and experiencing disruptions. Using hardware on-site can always get risky since the system can easily break and require some maintenance by IT support teams. With cloud desktops, this is never an issue since you have allocated teams of experts who can provide end-users with comprehensive support and fast resolutions.

Never lose any data in education


In the previous paragraphs, we briefly mentioned the physical storage of data on portable devices or local ones which everyone in the education sector needs to consider. How do we make sure that all of your academic data is 100% secured in safe locations and there is no risk of losing it or making it a target to cybercriminals? The only answer to this question is cloud desktop solutions. If your educational body has no server space or students need to run heavy applications generating large data, DaaS can help you by freeing up this storage space and keeping it secure on the servers of the cloud provider. This way everyone can have the peace of mind that their data is in safe hands at all times. Our dedicated teams of cloud specialists are working round the clock to make sure your desktop environments and the necessary applications are always running up to the highest standard!

If you already consider cloud desktops to be the right solution for your institution, you can get in touch with us to find out more about the practical advantages of DaaS in the education sector!

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