Operating locally hosted IT resources such as desktop environments can seriously impact the flexibility of employers and employees. The cloud has enabled companies to be more agile by shape-shifting the traditional operational model, which used to be a lot more spatially and functionally constrained than what we experience today. Virtualized infrastructure offered by cloud computing technologies such as cloud-hosted desktops is driving an increase in productivity by giving the workforce an easier way to share information and collaborate, without worrying about management and maintenance.

What is flexibility in cloud desktops?


The backbone of cloud desktops and their high operational agility is the internet. Before the cloud, employees had stationary workstations which were connected to a local corporate network that was considered safe for purpose. Today nobody needs to travel to their office provided that they have a cloud desktop workstation, a mobile device, and a Wi-FI internet with a stable connection. By being able to access their desktop and software on the cloud remotely from any device, employees are more flexible, and ultimately, more productive with their day-to-day tasks without being restricted by the time and the place.  A productive workforce that utilizes cloud desktops such as DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) also benefits from more efficient collaboration since file-sharing does not require multiple copies moving backward and forwards in a clumsy trail system but simultaneous processing of files, thus faster project completion.


Happier employees


When your business is operating on the cloud, your employees can work from anywhere without experiencing the stress of missed deadlines and important meetings due to the geographical constraints they experience at this point in time. Centralized cloud systems allow all data and software to be located in the facilities of the provider and desktop service to be deployed securely to all users regardless of their geographical positioning. This feature of the cloud gives greater flexibility to employees, which has an immense effect on their well-being at work, stress levels, and productivity. According to a recent survey, the majority of the remote workforce in 2022 says that they prefer working from home and do not entertain the idea of going back to the office. The cloud makes flexibility and greater productivity happen in real-time, which creates a happier and more content workforce overall. They also share that this dynamic gives them greater freedom to manage their time and have a healthier work-life balance than before. This could ultimately lead to better engagement and lower staff turnover in the long term.


Control over data


Cloud desktops are more flexible not only from the perspective of centralized management of resources and easy sharing but also from the viewpoint of better control over the IT resources and greater visibility. If your business is using cloud-hosted desktops or software, all data will be contained in the data centers of your cloud provider, rather than many scattered physical endpoints. This could provide the executive level of staff with much better insight into the workflow that takes place across all departments so that they can make informed decisions on the next steps forward.  They can also have better peace of mind and know that their valuable business data is safe in a centralized location with dedicated cyber security staff that looks after the entire deployment. Having an operational model in place that gives better visibility into the movement of data reduces the risk of data leakage and data breach accidents.


Hire global talent


Without a doubt, one of the great assets of cloud-hosted solutions such as DaaS is the big pool of talent that it creates for a small and large corporations to gain access to. A lot of businesses lack the flexibility to attract global talent and they stay limited to the limiting availability of the working force in their geographical positioning. Enabling the mobile workforce mode via cloud desktop for your company can open a whole new realm for opportunities when it comes to recruiting the right kind of specialists for your job openings. Many companies are already reaping the benefits of this flexibility feature and headhunting for the best experts from all around the world. Why should you stay limited to your immediate surroundings when there is a lot more out there for your company to benefit from and grow as a global business!


Final words


Cloud desktops and software on the cloud do not just give businesses better flexibility. They are actually built to enable higher agility, efficiency, and collaboration. If you are looking to expand your operations and make remote working part of your growth strategy in 2022, virtualized desktop infrastructure is your go-to solution!