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      Our Approach

      we-IT LLC offers Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) in a comprehensive cloud-computing solution, which uses our servers to provide the infrastructure for your virtual desktop environment.

      You can achieve full DaaS functionality with our cloud desktop services, on demand, through a user-controlled session in your physical device.

      Ideal for home and office use, Desktop-as-a-Service is a hosted desktop solution which increases user flexibility, while significantly improving the productivity of all employees.

      If you are looking to reduce the cost of your company expenditures, we-IT LLC has the cloud desktop solution for you, already used by some of the most high-performance organizations and companies worldwide.

      10 reasons to choose DaaS from we-IT LLC :






      Simple platform


      Data Security


      Cost Reduction




      Disaster recovery






      User friendly

      Datacenters across the globe provide fast access from your location


      What are our advantages?

      We connect applications without requiring any effort from the end user! Thanks to our database pools, you can link your mobile applications, corporate applications and IT workstations with a customized cloud desktop solution, tailored right for your business.

      You can easily connect our DaaS-system to all applications, and make the desktop service available centrally, for all devices. This way, you can achieve all of the following:

      • Higher performance
      • Smooth application
      • Cost-effective integration
      • Low installation effort

      We provide expert support and maintenance for the latest Desktop-as-a-Service solutions in the marketplace.

      We will happily help you to find the best applications and the most custom-fit cloud desktop solution for your business model. This way, you will finally be able to keep your workstations up to date!

      Desktop Services
      in the Cloud
      are More Flexible

      To be competitive in today’s business world, organizations need to be flexible

      Virtual desktop services allow teams and groups to be formed around projects and tasks, with members working remotely from multiple locations around the globe, in different time zones!
      With hosted desktops, IT staff can quickly provision all the right applications, and they can increase the hardware resources on desktops, as they control security and do the administration work- from anywhere, at any time.

      We recommend that you have some of your virtual desktops ready with pre-installed applications. This will certainly help you meet all of the fast-changing demands and requests by your clients.

      At times when you need special applications and desktop environments, for short periods and for specific users, hosted cloud desktops are here for you. It has never been easier to achieve your business milestones!


      Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) systems Improve Overall Productivity

      Desktop-as-a-Service, which we-IT LLC provides, can help you to significantly improve the productivity at your workplace. It frees up your internal IT team from being occupied with day-to-day troubleshooting tasks. They can now focus on being pro-actively involved in the IT operations of your core business. In addition, using cloud-hosted desktop environments will help the entire team, including managers and stakeholders, to become productive, even if they are working remotely or travelling. Everyone in your company can easily learn to use the virtual desktop, regardless of their location or device.

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