Virtual applications and desktops from the cloud to any end device.

After accompanying many companies in their development, we-IT GmbH is now launching a product that will confront Covid-19 and the pandemic that is disrupting the entire planet. With a new remote service, users will be able to work from home without any difficulty. After the first wave of the epidemic, we are close to overcoming the second wave that is knocking at our door.

Virtual desktop services allow teams and groups to be formed around projects and tasks, with members working remotely from multiple locations around the globe, in different time zones!
With hosted desktops, IT staff can quickly provision all the right applications, and they can increase the hardware resources on desktops, as they control security and do the administration work- from anywhere, at any time.

Called DaaS (Desktop as a Service), this service is officially one of the most used tools in our daily work. The principle remains simple to use but also adapted to your needs. Desktop as a Service from we-IT GmbH allows you to work and keep an eye on your business from wherever you are in the world. A single exit to the internet allows you to access your work environment.

This is the right product for these difficult times we are all facing. It’s affordable and setup almost instantly for anybody. With this very attractive price of Desktop as a Service from we-IT GmbH service, we want to offer a more adaptable accessibility to our customers.. says Nikola Tomovic, Head of Sales department.

With automatic registration security and confidentiality, you avoid any possibility of being hacked but also of losing the document you have been working on for many hours. Cost-effective pricing and test versions are available on the website of the we-IT GmbH provider. This allows you to start using this product right away.