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Why patch management is an important part of your IT maintenance?

Businesses of all sizes require regular IT maintenance & patch management to ensure that their systems are both fully functional and secure. Operating a large fleet of devices makes this job particularly challenging for some companies that rely on a limited number of IT professionals to run the routine maintenance for all employees and drive new development projects all at the same time.

Patching operating systems and middleware is a critical component of the maintenance that every remote and hybrid business needs to perform timely to ensure that all system vulnerabilities are eliminated before becoming a security threat to the business.

The Importance Of Patch Management


Everyone has noticed the pop-up notifications that appear regularly to remind the user about new upgrades and fixtures, requiring prompt installation to prevent the occurrence of new gaps in security. Applying software and hardware updates timely – also referred to as patch management – is a crucial element of every remote business’ system security strategy whether it is done in-house or externally by an IT maintenance provider such as we-IT. Cybersecurity experts agree that a quality approach to your management can reduce the risk of data breaches significantly and improve the security posture of the company by many folds. A failure to do so can result in downtime, disruption, and successful attempts to corrupt your IT systems and cause a breach.

Outsource Your Patch Management


Outsourcing your IT maintenance including Patch Management can free up a lot of time in the busy schedule of your IT staff. Instead of focusing on strategic initiatives that grow the business further, many companies decide to keep their skilled staff occupied by performing regular security patches so that other employees’ workstations are up to date. This wouldn’t be a problem if patching wasn’t an ongoing process and timely management wasn’t an absolute must to ensure comprehensive security against all threats, including zero-day attacks.


For most organizations, maintaining an in-house team to perform patches as they continue to test and fix new releases before the actual deployment is a mission impossible, knowing that there are heaps of new fixtures to carry out on multiple workstations every day. An outsourced patch management provider takes over this entire workload and guarantees to their clients that their data security is ensured at all times by doing timely patching and prevention of attacks before gaps have occurred.

Patching Round The Clock


Having mentioned timely patch management a few times already, it is important to clarify what this means for customers using an outsourced IT maintenance solution. Most IT departments in-house follow a weekly patching routine which is a wrongful practice, putting their company data at risk. Devices that are offline and miss their regular patch maintenance remain vulnerable to threats and possible cyber attacks. A third-party patch management company solves this problem by running daily and nightly patching as a way of capturing all systems and their most recent updates.

Maintenance Expertise


When we say that outsourcing your maintenance gives you the benefit of IT expertise in patching OS, middleware and deployment, we really mean it! Depending on your specific needs as a customer, you will get a bespoke solution that considers the nature of your business and your entire IT system – both hardware and software. A lot of companies require only a standard patching solution while others request additional security monitoring and mobile device management (MDM) services that enhance their security posture even further. Third-party maintenance is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the nature of your businesses and your IT assets, you can get a range of maintenance tools that improve the performance of your website, software and hardware systems all at once.

We-IT has a whole suite of maintenance services including Patching of Operating Systems (OS), Middleware, Documentation Management, SSL Monitoring & Inventory Management for E-commerce businesses.

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