To help employees develop cyber security awareness and provide effective countermeasures to threats online, a business needs to have a stringent awareness training program that works well across the entire organization. The biggest percentage of incidents that take place in a company with regards to its cyber security posture – happen as a result of human error. This highlights the importance of having a training format that equips employees with practical skills across each and every level of the organization.

How does security awareness training help businesses?


Effective security awareness training must address the needs of the enterprise as a whole regarding size, security posture, and levels of data protection at every stratum in the hierarchy. We-IT applies a holistic approach that uses a “pattern perception” education program, designed to empower employees across the entire organization to work safely and avoid threats as they come.

Automated learning & Actionable reporting


Our learning platform is quick and easy to load from every device. It opens a user list that divides the employees by levels of risk and targeted security training. Afterward, it creates a schedule that each education group can use to complete their interval learning modules. These training sessions are so effective because they provide a whole different approach called interval learning through constant reinforcement. There are also plenty of email reminders, a range of training formats, and simulated phishing attacks that keep all employees equally engaged and equipped with the right skills for their roles. The best thing about it all is that employers can keep track of their staff’s training progress by accessing a dashboard with actionable reports and recommendations on boosting their results. This training method has a universal curriculum that is made to serve the security needs of the company by considering the learning needs of each individual employee.

How does security awareness training helps employees?


We already mentioned the importance of having an interactive and targeted learning platform that supports growing businesses and their cybersecurity needs. What makes this approach so effective is the focus on the individual employee’s learning needs by exposing them to different scenarios in the form of simulated cyber-attacks. This platform follows a gamified learning plan that gives every member of staff enough practice time to develop the essential security awareness skills for their role in the company.

Interactive Learning & Simulations


What makes this training platform more effective than any other offering is the interactive content, which is fun, short, and easy to cover. It reinforces specific cyber security skills and goes through a range of learning areas specific to the risk level of every employee. There are also different types of simulated phishing attacks that use various templates and challenge levels to provide the user with practical security skills before they get exposed to real-life cyber threats. This training platform assigns modules to each employee and it does so by covering the gaps in knowledge that have been identified through a regular attack performance assessment.

Assessment, Reporting & Analytics


It’s important to mention how this training portal stands out from the rest with its knowledge assessment methods and regular monitoring of employees’ learning progression. By testing the users at random with pre-defined questions of customizable length, this platform performs a comprehensive assessment of the knowledge acquired at different intervals. All questions are randomized and derived from a vast library of topics, which ensures there is no cheating or gaps in testing through accidental reiteration. In the end, results get broken down and presented by department, job function, and individual user level. This way, managers can monitor how their teams perform with their training and customize their training program based on every employee’s individual needs.


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