Using a central file management system, or document management system, with virtual desktop services is an absolute must in the modern cloud office space.

In this article, we are discussing the entire concept of a central management system and how businesses benefit from having one implemented in place when using a cloud desktop solution.

What is a central file management system?


Most organizations operate according to internal and external technical standards. These could be standard operating procedures or policies that layout the groundwork for how processes should be taking place in practice.  A file management system is an important part of the standardization approach of a company. It sets the operational standards for managing files and documents and helpss employees with the implementation of various document management duties.

What does central file management actually do?


A fully functional central file management system allows employees to modify, recover and archive the information within a file system effortlessly. This way companies can reduce the use of paper and increase their employee productivity thanks to using digital documents and exchanging information more efficiently. Central file management systems also improve the traceability of documents within a company by keeping a neat record of all file versions and modifications made.

Is cloud-based file management any different?


Since companies using a central file management system mostly rely on the internet or cloud storage to manage the file and keep a log of all document changes, we could easily refer to a central file management system as a cloud-based file management system instead. Cloud computing supports software platforms like central file management in order to keep the corporate data safe and accessible at all times.

What is the use case for this business concept?


The concept of a central file management system is applicable to almost all remotely operating businesses. Regardless of the industry companies are involved with, there is always a great use in standardizing file management procedures and achieving better visibility over the movement of documents. Financial firms, healthcare practitioners, and professionals in the legal sector are already finding great benefits from using a central file management system as part of their cloud desktop solutions. This digital concept is also recognized by many clients in accounting who handle a large volume of documents on a daily basis. The list of professionals utilizing a central file management system goes on. If you want to find out if your company could benefit from this software system, you can always check with your cloud provider and request the configuration to be made for your desktop environments.

What are some of the benefits of using a central file management system?

Digitalization of your documents


Having a digital copy versus a paper copy is becoming the standard. Most companies cannot escape the global trend of digital transformation, even if they used to resist the change in the past. Today we see the digitalization of workloads in many different ways, reflected especially in how information is handled, modified, and exchanged between parties.



Keeping your documents stored in a cloud server also helps companies with the centralization of their information in one single location. In the instance of using a cloud desktop solution from a cloud provider such as we-IT, a company can have the peace of mind that their information is stored safely on the cloud servers, without risking the integrity of their data or service.

Less paper


Cutting down the usage of paper and being more sustainable is becoming central to a lot of businesses in the modern-day and age. This is why using a central file management system is considered to be a green approach to handling and storing documents. Not only does a company benefit from having less paper to deal with, but also they reduce the physical storage space that is needed to archive paperwork for further reference.

Having a central file management system helps remote companies improve their operational efficiency and organize their documents more effectively. This is an innovative solution that can be linked to the cloud and boost the performance of every business.

To find out more about how a central file management system can benefit your team, you can get in touch with our representatives.