Improving the efficiency of businesses is an important objective of the Microsoft 365 application suite. It is built to help employees collaborate, communicate and exchange information easily so that their workload becomes more streamlined and they can focus on increasing their productivity. By having the right tools and resources, any remote staff can become more flexible, and the entire organization more competitive in terms of efficiency and continuous development.

Microsoft 365 is a productivity suite that contains different applications including Word, Excel, Sharepoint, Exchange, and Teams. All of them are built to work seamlessly together and allow employees to have a smooth user experience from anywhere online (over the cloud), which in turn, encourages better collaboration and pro-activeness at work.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft 365 for SMB?

Better communication


With Microsoft 365, small and mid-sized businesses can make their communication more simplified and efficient. Outlook and Microsoft Teams give employees an easy way to connect and exchange important information timely and securely. Teams has expanded a lot as a collaboration tool in recent years. It has become a place where employees can share files, and message, record meetings, and work on projects together as a team. In addition to these, Microsoft also offers Yammer as a communication feature that inspires socializing and growing a community within the company.

High mobility and agility


One of the key benefits of Microsoft 365 is its agility as a suite, powered by the Azure cloud. Being able to connect with their workstation and access their applications from anywhere over the internet allows employees to be more flexible and a lot more productive. They can also use any portable device wherever they are to follow up on important updates and action steps to tackle their workload. Employees will also have access to applications like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Planner so that information exchange takes place more effortlessly, from any corner of the world.

Centralized management


Businesses have more automation and control over their data when it’s centralized on the cloud. Microsoft 365 allows companies to use the storage space of OneDrive and SharePoint, which can be accessed by anyone in the team or department. It gives employees the capability to share information and manage the movement or change of the files more effectively in their cloud-hosted libraries. This also gives employers better visibility over the working process and their data across the whole company.

Planned spendings


Like many other applications hosted on the cloud, Microsoft 365 gives SMBs the means to save capital and reduce their monthly operational spending. All applications in the enterprise and business plans are covered by a subscription fee per user, which can provide businesses with an accurate estimate of their regular spending. Upgrades, patches, and extra configurations are also included in these plans so that customers can rely on data security and high functionality at all times.

Collaboration externally and internally


Without a doubt, one of the definite benefits of using Microsoft 365 is sharing and collaborating with a big team of people, who are all contributors to a joint workflow in a shared hub. There are calendars, mailboxes, and platforms such as Exchange and SharePoint which make information access a lot easier and the whole process more streamlined. Employees can share document files and make changes in real-time so that co-authoring of projects is made easier, without any version changes and traceability problems.

Continuity of your business


When a company chooses to use the cloud for one or more of its applications, the enterprise becomes more agile and competitive! All information is managed centrally and safeguarded by cyber security professionals such as we-IT. An outsourced Microsoft 365 suite is maintained by the IT teams, who need to make sure that all constituents operate seamlessly at all times, even if there was a natural disaster. Cloud storage allows businesses to be safer and more efficient as they rely on advanced infrastructure and dedicated teams, who look after the whole remote service.

Final words


Microsoft 365 is a productivity suite with many applications and useful features. It is offered as a subscription plan that companies can pay as they go without any commitment. This is an incredible collaboration tool with extensive functionality that enables employees to be more efficient but also more proactive with their day-to-day operations.

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