5 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making When You Move To The Cloud

Moving business data and applications to the cloud is a process that should run smoothly without mistakes. Nevertheless, there are several important considerations that every

Why Should You Adopt A Cloud First Strategy

While the cloud is steadily becoming the biggest player in the digital transformation era, businesses of all sizes are realizing the benefits of a cloud-first

we-IT: Fully Automated Deployment For a Medical Software On The Cloud (Case Study)

Medical Billing Software Solution   Boosting the efficiency of medical staff through fully automated billing software deployment on the cloud.   After preliminary talks, the

Cloud Adoption Keeps Software Vendors On The Leading Edge

Vendors moving enterprise software to the cloud has become a ‘megatrend’ in the cloud computing sector for the past decade. Previously, the most common case

DaaS is the smart DR strategy for your desktops

Desktop-as-a-Service is widely getting referred to as the smarter DR strategy with more features. To get an idea of ​​why this virtual desktop solution can

How new technologies enable hybrid working in 2021?

The transition to hybrid working   Working from home, or from anywhere remotely, has been made possible with the collective efforts of tech companies, constantly

How can cloud desktops give you better businesses continuity?

Here’s something important to think about: how is your business continuity ensured if your critical infrastructure goes down for days? How about longer than that?

How Cloud Desktops Mitigate Ransomware Security Issues?

Even though the first ransomware attacks took place almost 30 years ago, up to now, these types of cybercrimes are still attracting a lot of

Remote Maintenance Improves Your IT Performance and Security

What is Remote Maintenance?   Companies require servers to store their data which is then deployed over the network to the employee workstations on demand.

Why are IDS and IPS important for your cybersecurity?

What is an Intrusion Detection System (IDS)?   IDS or Intrusion Detection System is an IT solution for monitoring threats in the cyberspace. It comes

Virtual Desktops Vs. Remote Desktops

Whether you choose remote desktop or virtualization technology for your business model, one thing is clear - you need to understand the advantages of both

we-IT is now a Silver Partner of Microsoft for Cloud Platform and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

We are happy to announce that we-IT has achieved a Silver Partner status to provide two highly advanced Microsoft solutions made for Azure cloud: Cloud

Cloud servers explained

Cloud servers were invented back in the 70s and they have been utilized by big tech companies like Microsoft and Google ever since. Even though

The advantages of using cloud desktops in the education sector

Digitalization has taken over many critical sectors including education, healthcare, and manufacturing. In this blog, we are mainly discussing the impact of IT innovations and

How can DaaS improve your employee productivity?

Most employers know well that employee productivity can be interchangeable. Very little can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to the workforce

How is the manufacturing sector benefitting from cloud desktops?

Cloud desktops are starting to play a big role in the digital transformation of manufacturing facilities around the world. Contrary to the traditional isolated desktop

How can managed IT solutions like Microsoft 365 benefit SMBs?

Managed IT solutions are the cornerstone in the digital transformation journeys of many businesses today. Managed desktops or software solutions like Microsoft 365 support and

What does Azure Virtual Desktop have to offer to industries using the cloud?

Introduction to Azure Virtual Desktop   Cloud-hosted IT services like DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) are offered by a large number of providers globally. However, not all of

In a hybrid work model corporate laptops work best with cloud desktops

The recently emerged hybrid work model and corporate laptops walk hand in hand. How and why these two are so cost-effective in combination with a

The Strategy for Cloud Migration That Saves You The Hassle

Businesses today can have different motivations to begin a cloud migration process. For the majority of companies since the start of the pandemic, the main

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