Security Awareness

we-IT Security Awareness solution supplements physical security measures by focusing on the most important security factor of all: people.

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      Human Error – the Most Common Cause of Cyber-Incidents

      Employees have become a primary target for cybercrime because exploiting human weaknesses such as inattention, ignorance, or negligence is far easier and less expensive than attempting to fool sophisticated security software.

      Human error is responsible for more than 80% of all cyber-incidents, with businesses losing millions of dollars as a result of staff-related incidents.

      Our Solution

      Security Awareness Training

      An easy-to-use online tool that gradually improves employees' cyber security skills.
      Create a cyber-secure corporate environment.

      Management efficiency and ease of awareness for organizations of any size

      Training is critical in raising employee awareness and motivating them to pay attention to cyber threats and countermeasures even if this is not initially perceived as part of their job responsibilities.

      we-IT provides computer-based training that combines cyber security expertise with best-in-class educational techniques and technologies. This approach alters user behavior and contributes to the creation of a cyber-secure environment throughout the organization.

      Security Awareness
      Security Awareness

      The online training platform offers:

      • Online training modules
      • Simulated phishing attacks
      • Knowledge tests
      • Training automation
      • Progress reports

      Before you begin the training, conduct a simulated phishing attack to test your employees’ resiliency. It will help employees and management in seeing the value of training.

      Training topics

      • Passwords & Accounts
      • Email
      • Web browsing
      • Social networks & Messengers
      • PC Security
      • Mobile Devices
      • Confidential data
      • GDPR

      Each topic has several levels that detail specific security skills. Levels are defined by the degree of risk they help to eliminate: Level 1 is normally sufficient to protect against the most simple and widespread attacks, whereas the next levels must be studied to protect against the most sophisticated and targeted attacks. All lessons and tests are based on real-world scenarios and examples of attacks that have occurred in the real world.

      Security Awareness
      Security Awareness

      Who will benefit from this solution and how?


      Management can rely on a smooth operation and be confident that their corporate data and public image are secure.

      Data protection officers

      Officers responsible for data protection can prevent GDPR incidents that have to be reported.

      IT management

      IT management benefits from increased security while using fewer resources. In contrast, a larger HR budget is available for awareness training.


      When dealing with suspicious activities, employees have higher levels of awareness and peace of mind.

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