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We consistently deliver high levels of availability and performance by leveraging the best-managed Munich IT networking options.

we-IT® provides the most effective networking solutions for your specific requirements.

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      Building the network of the future

      The network is now more important than ever. With an increasing number of people working from home, an exponential increase in cloud-based applications, and a surge in the number of connected objects, the network and its performance, security, and resilience are now critical business enablers.

      Companies require a network that is adaptable, cost-effective, and future-proof. An agile, scalable, cloud-based, on-demand network from an expert provider, with the right technical and contractual adaptability, is critical to ensuring your network meets the demands of your growing digital business, now and in the future.

      we-IT® provides the most effective networking solutions for your specific requirements. Our Munich IT networking services ensure business continuity and provide the agility and scalability to deliver the reliable performance you need to keep all your sites up and running, so your company can move forward.

      Find out how we can support your company with network transformation!

      Home Office

      As more employees are working remotely, your business needs to deliver consistent, highly secure networking to help employees maintain performance. Our Home Office networking solution provides employees with business-class internet, so they can access the applications they need to help keep your business running in the new work-from-home model.

      Wireless Networks

      Wireless networks are no longer just about increasing mobility. Today’s wireless technology is powering a slew of important new workplace services. Modern wireless technologies recognize and secure users of all types, regardless of device. Because secure access management is automated, it is quick and easy for the IT department and each user. We provide secure, customized wireless solutions that achieve the best results in any environment.


      The network is an essential component of the mobile telecommunications system because it aggregates incoming data traffic from end devices. It also authenticates subscribers and devices, applies personalized policies, and manages device mobility before routing traffic to operator services or the Internet. We provide user-friendly, cost-effective, and comprehensive 4G/5G network solutions.

      Encrypted File Sharing

      Encrypted file sharing from we-IT® provides security measures to protect the files you store and share within and outside the cloud. We offer end-to-end encrypted file sharing, automatic file scanning when files are uploaded, and ransomware protection. Companies that handle sensitive data can have complete control over their data as well as the freedom to access files at any time and from any location.


      By conducting a thorough evaluation of your company’s structure, the complexity of its estate, and the challenges it faces, we can identify the best SD-WAN options for meeting your unique commercial objectives. Our SD-WAN solution is well-positioned to drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and alleviate strain on overburdened resources.

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