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Even though the basic principles of the General Data Protection Regulation had already been known for more than two years, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are still unsure: What are the consequences of the DSGVO that came into force in May?
How to handle the conditions effectively? Are they really threatening so drastic fines?

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      Even though the basic principles of the General Data Protection Regulation had already been known for more than two years, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are still unsure:

      What are the consequences of the DSGVO that came into force in May?
      How to handle the conditions effectively? Are they really threatening so drastic fines?

      We answer your questions competently – just ask for our expertise.

      Do you need advice on GDPR?

      We answer your questions competently – just ask for our expertise!

      Privacy is everyone's business: EU agrees on GDPR

      A simple fact that the 28 member states of the EU were able to agree on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) shows the enormous need for action: the security of the personal data is a fundamental right – and this has been increasingly endangered in the course of digitization , It was therefore logical to put data protection on a uniform basis throughout the EU and thus create a robust legal framework.

      Even if there is no reason to panic after the entry into force, a constructive discussion of the General Data Protection Regulation is in any case advisable: In particular, the processing of personal data now has stricter rules. Often enough, companies are unaware that they are collecting, storing and processing such information – and therefore have to take action

      Data minimization and transparency as mandatory

      So there are some basic questions that are specific to personal data. These are understood primarily names and addresses, but also health information and account connections. Which of these data do you really need for your work? As soon as you query them online from your customers or prospects, you should be able to prove the necessity and the correct handling. In addition, you are required to encrypted transmission.

      These are just a few of the points that emerge from the new regulation and that determine our work as Data Protection Officer. Speaking of: Did you know that in all companies with more than ten employees a data protection officer must be appointed? If this is not done, all the risks for financial damage will start – and their amount will depend not only on the economic power of the company, but also on the seriousness of the offense and the measures already taken. So there are good reasons to deal with the topic – we will help you with this!

      Optimally prepared for GDPR: Our GDPR professional service approach

      Our wide experience has shown us that data protection plays a different role in every company: on the one hand, the specific business field is decisive, on the other hand, of course, the size and relevance of customer data play important roles. However, the fact is that modern marketing is hardly possible without using specific data from consumers or business partners – regardless of whether you prefer to work with commercial or private customers.

      It is therefore all the more important to have a detailed stocktaking, which we first collect in order to provide initial advice on the tasks ahead and possible solutions. Here we will discuss with you what steps are ahead and how we can assist you. The goal: a data protection audit and thus a reliable basis for our cooperation.

      Data protection audit - we are your competent partner

      In such an audit, we record the relevant parameters in terms of data protection: We determine the status quo, assess the situation and develop a stringent data protection concept from it. In principle, we therefore cover the data protection gaps in the audit and work out the possible ways in your case to reliably close them. At the same time, we fulfill the stricter requirements for documentation and documentation for your company, because the data protection concept lists all measures to be taken.

      Whether we involve your entire company or concentrate on specific processes, we can arrange this individually. In any case, with the Data Protection Audit, you take an important step towards developing law-compliant data protection in your company – and that’s exactly what our GDPR professional service work is all about.

      Basic Data Protection Ordinance: Optimally positioning companies

      As soon as we have agreed on the implementation of the data protection concept, we accompany you in the realization of each individual measure. Not only can you rely on our expertise, but above all on our profound implementation experience. It goes without saying that we will be on hand to assist you even after completion of the project, so that you can not only turn to us for problems, but also for changes in the internal processes.

      Our goal is to position your company in terms of privacy so that it becomes a natural part of every single employee’s daily work. So you protect not only the interests of your customers, business partners and employees, but your entire company. Minimize your risks effectively – with our GDPR professional service you play it safe.

      Basic Data Protection Ordinance: Optimally positioning companies

      Of course, you are free to order an internal data protection officer.
      That means for your company the bottom line:

      • Payment of an employee – including vacation and illness-related losses
      • cost-intensive education and training
      • limited liability as an employee
      • Acceptance problems among employees
      • special dismissal protection

      Especially for small businesses, the associated
      challenges are likely to be too great for them to
      handle on their own .

      The advantages are obvious: On the one hand, we contractually determine a certain price structure, which refers to the actual services provided. On the other hand, we are certified specialists who are neutral to your company, but who also assume liability in an emergency.

      Your risks are thus minimized in several ways: On the one hand, such an agreement can be terminated like any other contract if you are not satisfied. On the other hand, with our work as an external data protection officer we create security with regard to imminent fines – and not only after lengthy training, we go fully qualified immediately to work. Take advantage of  our GDPR professional service for your company – we will do it for you.

      The solution: In cooperation with us and our GDPR professional service, your concerns are past!

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