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We advise you on the latest industry standards and work with you to find the solutions which will optimally prepare your product for the market.
As ISTQB Certified Tester and Advanced Tester (Test Manager) we are the competent partner you are looking, meeting all of your requirements.

What is software quality assurance?

The goal of SQA in an organization is to maintain the software in consistent quality. Errors should be avoided from the very beginning. For this purpose, standards (recommendations, methods) are set up and processes are defined so that these errors can be found quickly. successfully and cost-effectively.

One of the main tasks of software quality assurance is the construction of a test center and the definition of development and test processes. SQA must also ensure that the accompanying processes such as release, version or change management will fit into the customer’s organization.

We have experienced engineers who assist and coach the client’s software quality assurance team. Our focus is always on the organization and its structures.

Competent support in software quality measurement

We advise you on the latest industry standards and we work with you to find the right solutions which will optimally prepare your product for the market, rather than just maintain the quality of existing products. We provide you with the support needed to improve.

In addition to being experts in quality assurance, we are also specialists in software testing. Together with you, or independently, we develop the appropriate test plans, and if necessary, we create a suitable documentation infrastructure (e.g. Testopia / Bugzilla).

All advice is provided in compliance with the standards defined by ISTQB.

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