Resilio Connect

Resilio Connect is a scalable, P2P solution for syncing and transferring enterprise data in real time, that is trusted by leading companies.

High Performance Over Any Network

Resilio Connect leads the file synchronization software industry with the fastest real time file transfers available. Deploy system updates and transfer big data files to remote offices, emergency vehicles, vessels, or planes faster than anything you have seen before. Resilio Connect operates over your existing infrastructure and uses P2P file sharing protocols and WAN acceleration to overcome network limitations affecting enterprise file transfer.

“Our engineers deployed a successful test version in a hour – without reading a ton of manuals – that delivered the best result of all the solutions we tried”
— Roman Sakno, Enterprise Architect at Wargaming.


Distributing a 9 GB file to 500 endpoints over 100 Mbps link (150ms latency, 0.5% Packet Loss)


The Enterprise File Transfer Solution that Grows with Your Data

Built on top of the BitTorrent p2p file sharing protocol, Resilio Connect can easily scale to transfer files quickly between 100s of servers, millions of files, and many TBs of data. Updates are distributed between peers and are not limited by the capacity of the origin server.

“The results we get about the file transfer being completed and having no issues with the files on the other end has been fantastic. These are things I couldn’t do before using Connect.”
— Jacques Vermeulen, Project Manager at Otto Bros.

Connect Enterprises: Synchronize Multiple Locations

Designed for fast enterprise file transfers, the distributed peer-to-peer architecture of our file syncing software combines the power of every endpoint to transfer and sync huge data sets to all your endpoints faster, and more reliably than traditional point to point solutions.

“Our entire situation is tremendously better, great cost savings and our data is now delivered on time.”
— Jason McCune , Director of Information Technology at Buckeye Power Sales


Reliable and Scalable DevOps and ITOps

Resilio Connect is trusted by leading DevOps and ITOps teams to handle the most difficult enterprise file sync tasks. From updating mission-critical server farms with TBs of data in real time, to quickly deploying new software to 1000s of remote retail location, Connect file sync can handle it. Our powerful file transfer platform allows you to automate your workflow with the powerful REST API and the various scripting triggers.

“Resilio Connect enables us to reliably distribute our code, specifically new language models in a fraction of time. These copy jobs now take an hour, down from eight. Best of all, once Resilio Connect was installed, it just works: We never need to manually intervene in any way.”
— Christian Bryndum, VoiceBase’s Director of Operations

Collect & Backup Operational Data

Collect and consolidate data from multiple vehicles or remote locations with Connect’s robust data consolidation system. Enterprise file syncing means you can stop wasting time waiting for vehicles to come in close proximity to transfer their data or relying on manual data collection.

“Now we can retrieve information that is more complete, fulsome, and more robust because we have the ability to transmit large files faster across the internet”
— Jerry Evans, President & CEO of Nia Technologies


Move Files Fast In and Out of the Cloud

Resilio Connect is the fastest way to transfer data in and out of the cloud or between cloud instances. Connect is compatible with AWS / S3, Azure / Blob Storage, and all other major cloud providers.

P2P: The fastest way to move data


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    Appreciated by more than 100 business customers worldwide.

    “I have been using Resilio for several years and have found it very reliable. I use it to distribute 200 MB of files regularly to a number of my employees. I update the files regularly and they receive the updates immediately. In addition, I’ve used it historically to reliably sync files over 40GB when most other file transfer systems are much smaller. I’m a fan.”


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