Introduction to Kaspersky ASAP


Human error is the cause for over 80% of all data breach incidentsimpacting organizations of all sizes and across all industries. This has left many companies suffering the devastating impacts of cybercrime on their hard-built reputation as an enterprise but also the financial loss for an estimated average of nearly $ 116,000 per SMB. With this in mind, Kaspersky created a breakthrough in security awareness training by creating an innovative online program that combines 20+ years of experience in cybersecurity with a completely new format of training, teaching employees through engagement, motivation, and unique gamified learning methodology. The emphasis has finally been put on fully internalizing the cybersecurity skillset, instead of losing the critical skills over time.

What are the barriers to traditional security training programs?


There are plenty of security awareness programs available to companies but the majority of them are simply inefficient. It is either the process or the results from the training that does not justify the purpose of the employee training on cybersecurity and preventing avoidable human errors. A lot of students in these programs feedback on the learning materials as boring, too difficult, or impractical. Also, many of these programs focus more on the Don’t-s rather than teaching the student how to avoid making cyber-critical mistakes at their workstation. Kaspersky addressed all of these questions with leveled proficiency and through the unmistaken expertise in online security the company has gathered over two decades. The cybersecurity experts in Kaspersky wanted to create an engaging security training program with clear milestones and simplified management that works by automation, rather than manual allocation and progress checking.

What did Kasperski ASAP manage to achieve as an improvement?


This is practically a platform that builds a strong and long-lasting cyber-hygiene skillset for the employees by making the content interactive, pace, and level-specific, as well as engaging throughout the whole training cycle with Kaspersky ASAP. A safety awareness program can usually be evaluated by looking at the efficiency of the training and the management factor when it comes to the level of intervention it takes to bring all trainees up to speed with the program. According to these two criteria, Kaspersky’s ASAP scores high. The platform is structured rigorously according to the cognitive abilities that people typically show to form long-lasting memories and retain important information. There are also numerous interactive lessons that reinforce this newly gained knowledge and skills to prevent cyber security errors when working online. Kaspersky ASAP also offers simulated phishing attacks that train the employees to recognize common threats in real-time rather than just reading about them in training materials.

This is is a unique security awareness program for many reasons but largely for being practical, engaging, and positive. Contrary to the repetitive and ineffective traditional methods, Kaspersky ASAP gives trainees highly relevant examples of cybersecurity errors as well as skills that can be put to immediate use at the workplace. It also motivates people to stay in compliance with these practices rather than prohibiting risky behavior while they work online.

Apart from being highly engaging and easy to learn from, this ASAP also has a highly automated management feature that is incredibly easy to work within an organization. All it takes from an administrator is to assign security levels to their employees and the platform will work around these to keep everybody up to the level of security needed for their role. It has an easy-to-navigate dashboard that is used to generate actionable reports, giving employers valuable insights into the status of their employee’s security training. Kaspersky ASAP is not only engaging in a learning aspect but also on a management level. It incentivizes students as well as administrators to check on their performance through emails and invitations, thus making constant reminders about the importance of cyber security training and finding new ways to improve everyone’s skill set as well as hands-on practice with cyber threats in real-time.

We-IT has partnered up with Kaspersky and we are now able to offer Security Awareness Training (ASAP) for our existing and prospective clients. If you are interested in the online training program and you want to find out more about its features and customization for your business, do not hesitate to contact us!