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we-IT® is a full IT service provider. We offer comprehensive IT solutions and consulting services to businesses all over the world. We collaborate with clients of all sizes and industries to help them strengthen their IT foundation, manage risk and compliance, and increase their competitiveness.
We understand that every business is unique and that the best solution is a combination of technologies tailored to your specific requirements. We learn about your company, its challenges, and its future growth plans through our consultative approach, and then combine IT products and services to create the best solution for you.

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we-IT®’s Vision and Mission

Our vision is to simplify your use of new technology.

This allows you to increase your focus on productivity and increase your profit.

We exist to improve our clients' businesses. We feel pleasure in approaching each client engagement as a one-of-a-kind relationship. Our goals are your goals.
We envision a brighter future for your company and then get to work making those dreams a reality.

Our Pillars of Success

Our success is built on over 20 years of experience delivering outstanding projects, and our talented team of 25 people who have a real passion and knowledge for IT. Our clients benefit from the combination of these factors because it provides them with invaluable peace of mind. This powerful mix produces rapid results for companies under pressure to transform and remain flexible in the face of opportunities and uncertainties in a rapidly changing business environment.

We have a Customer-focused Approach

Our culture is ingrained in always putting the customer first and providing an exceptional customer experience in all aspects of our business. We are available to you and invite you to schedule an appointment to learn how our tools, processes, and services will increase your productivity without requiring you to manage your technology. We have everything you need to make IT easy!

Words from our clients

Heinz L.

Dairy farm
The specialists from we-IT GmbH have presented us with an IoT solution that helped us with a lot of demanding tasks - everything has become much easier for us.

Katrin M.

Real Estate (50 employees)
For our traditional family business, it was very difficult to find the right software for the internal processes on the market - and we were looking for a long time. we-IT GmbH has presented us with an intelligent proposal and, above all, turned it into reality. Now we use a very own software solution, which has really taken us forward.

Gert K

Multinational company (100,000 employees)
Digitization is also a real challenge for us . The expertise of we-IT GmbH has served us well in strategic considerations. Based on recommendations, we were able to successfully complete the relevant projects and generate earnings for our company.

Georg R.

Regional professional electrician (25 employees)
We are cooperating with we-IT GmbH for more then 5 years - and this is big relief for us: Finally we can count on fact that our IT is on high level. If there is any problem- just one phone call solves everything! This is how we always imagined partnership!

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Our products are developed according to the highest quality standards in the cloud computing industry, and we are here to help you to make use of our advanced innovation systems.

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