Smart and Simple Payroll Management System for craftsmen

Smart and Simple Payroll Management System for craftsmen. You do not have to be an accountant or a professional in using IT. Our app makes it possible for your employees, simply by PC, Tablet or Smartphone – if necessary on the spot with the customer – to deposit his work done. He sees directly what he has earned today.


Employees of all industries benefit from piecework wage collective agreements.

Surely you are also interested in a performance-based payment. Imagine being paid for the work you actually do.

You do not need to annoy you anymore when your colleagues are slower and less efficient. You do your job and get paid for what you actually do.

You finished one hour before closing time? Nobody will ask you why you are already going home. After work, you have a right to leisure – and with the same pay.

Lohnverwaltung-Akkordlohnabrechnung für’s Handwerk
Lohnverwaltung-Akkordlohnabrechnung für’s Handwerk


The performance-based payroll of your employees according to applicable collective agreements offers many advantages for companies.

In addition to fair pay, the motivation of employees to targeted and solution-oriented work is increased.

Again and again, our customers report that they have been significantly more efficient and professional since the introduction of the Smart and Simple Payroll Management System for craftsmen

    30 days free trial

    30 days free trial (full version)

    Your data can easily be transferred 1: 1 after completion of the 30-day trial period.

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