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    To achieve business growth, operational efficiency, and customer retention, Software Vendors frequently face multiple challenges. At the same time, they’re struggling to keep up with changing industry trends, customer demands, and budget constraints.

    Software Vendors can rely on highly performing cloud-based infrastructure, offered as Software-as-a-service, to do the job quickly and smoothly by deploying their applications from the cloud. The we-IT® cloud-based solutions can deploy software in seconds, providing customers with immediate access to the application without the frustration of long wait times.

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    With we-IT®'s IT solutions, clients are empowered with the following capabilities:

    Industry expertise

    Understanding the distinct business, operational, and technological needs of software firms across the value chain.

    Improved customer satisfaction

    Better deployment, less helpdesk volume, and faster operations almost always translate into higher customer satisfaction. By moving your software to the cloud, your customers will be able to use it from any end device that is connected to the internet. Cloud-based solutions provide users with greater flexibility, which leads to greater satisfaction with your products. we-IT® will assist your company in seamlessly migrating your data and applications to the cloud.

    Better Security

    we-IT® provides 24/7 services to secure our clients as well as to detect and respond to sophisticated cyber-threats, ensuring that your company is secure. Vulnerability scanning identifies security flaws and weaknesses in systems and the software that runs on them.

    Encrypted File Sharing

    Encrypted file sharing from we-IT® provides security measures to protect the files you store and share within and outside the cloud. We offer end-to-end encrypted file sharing, automatic file scanning when files are uploaded, and ransomware protection.


    Our 24/7 Monitoring service provides you with real-time information about the performance of the systems and the potential risks of interruption of the activity. Also, in case of detection of incidents and intervene to solve them in a timely manner avoiding undesirable situations by providing guaranteed intervention.

    IT Procurement

    We will handle your entire procurement process, from consultation to product delivery of special equipment used in your industry, such as servers, and server clusters.


    we-IT® : Cloud Adoption Keeps Software Vendors On The Leading Edge

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