IT Solutions in the Construction Industry

Intelligent construction for over two decades: using IT solutions for efficiency and growth

From project management to on-site work, IT solutions improve efficiency, safety and productivity in construction projects. we-IT is here to help you along the way.

Our tailored and comprehensive IT solutions and support, which we have been providing to construction companies around the world for over 20 years, ensure smooth operations, improve project management and optimize risk management – important aspects that contribute to the overall growth and success of your construction company.

Super schneller Support, immer freundlich und bemüht jedes Problem so schnell wie möglich zu lösen. TOP!
Jonas Fischer
Jonas Fischer
we-IT ist seit Jahren unsere IT-Firma des Vertrauens. Kompetent und äußerst freundlich. Herr Weigand findet immer eine Lösung. :) Kann ich nur empfehlen!!!
Manuel Niedermaier
Manuel Niedermaier
Seit Jahren arbeiten wir schon mit Herrn Weigand zusammen und sind von der Unterstützung sowie Zuverlässigkeit bei der täglichen Administration unserer Arbeitsplätzen und Server immer positiv überrascht. Das Gleiche erleben wir bei internen Projekten die wir immer gerne gemeinsam mit we-IT planen und dann später durchführen.
Rolf Huwer
Rolf Huwer
Danke, sehr professionell
Igor Sinelnikov
Igor Sinelnikov
Wir sind nun seit mehreren Jahren in der IT Obhut und sind mehr als zufrieden :) Für jede individuelle Situation immer die Perfekte Lösung. Jedes Problem das noch so groß erscheint ist schnell beseitigt. Weiter so und viel Erfolg mit der neuen GmbH.
Dominik Beffert
Dominik Beffert
Sehr kompetenter Partner für individuelle und maßgeschneiderte IT Lösungen. Durch die vertrauenswürdige und effiziente Zusammenarbeit mit dem IT Fabrik Team und Herrn Weigand konnten wir verschiedenste IT Projekte zeitnah und innerhalb der gegebenen Budgets umsetzen.
Benjamin Brudnjak
Benjamin Brudnjak
Super! Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem schnellen Support und den schönen Umsetzungen. Alles perfekt gelöst, vielen Dank an das Team.
Markus Geiger
Markus Geiger
Herr Weigand ist ein äußerst praxisorientierter, aufgeschlossener und gut qualifizierte IT-ler mit dem ich auch in Zukunft weiter arbeiten werde. Somit eine uneingeschränkte Empfehlung für jeden der Unterstützung in Sachen IT benötigt.

IT Solutions created specifically with the construction industry in mind

Construction is becoming more complex and changing at a faster rate than ever before. You should have the right solution in place to facilitate collaboration and ensure that contracts are delivered on time and within budget every time if you want to increase productivity and profitability.

we-IT® digital transformation enables construction firms to be more resilient and productive while reducing security risks.

With we-IT®'s construction IT solutions, clients are empowered with the following capabilities:

Industry expertise

Understanding the distinct business, operational, and technological needs of construction firms across the value chain.

Data Processing Power

Every construction project has a large number of stakeholders, and sharing data can take a long time. Physical storage exposes your data to the risk of loss, damage, or theft. It is also inaccessible without the necessary hardware. The only practical way to obtain the most powerful insights is to process data in the cloud. Cloud-based solutions such as Desktop-as-a-Service and Microsoft 365 make sharing easy by enabling real-time communication and collaboration. we-IT® will assist your company in seamlessly migrating your data and applications to the cloud.

High level of security

we-IT® provides 24/7 services to secure our clients as well as to detect and respond to sophisticated cyber-threats, ensuring that your company is secure. Regular data backup and Endpoint protection are essential for the reliable protection of your IT.


Our IT deployment services provide extensive network installation experience across global operations, meeting your needs for successful deployment, installation, and reliability.


We will assist you in implementing adaptable communication solutions that reduce overhead and support costs, improve customer service, improve collaboration, and meet your workforce’s changing communication needs.

IT Procurement

We will handle your entire procurement process, from consultation to product delivery of special equipment used in construction environments such as PCs, specially protected and resistant mobile devices, tablets, and office equipment.

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IT solutions in the construction industry are driving significant advances in efficiency, safety and overall project quality.


As IT continues to evolve, its impact on construction will continue to grow, leading to smarter, more sustainable and efficient construction practices. If you are looking for the right IT partner to reduce your costs, streamline, automate and improve key processes and increase overall safety, efficiency and productivity, we are the right choice.


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Case study -we-IT® : Highly secure and isolated cloud desktop environment for ERP software with a strong focus on backward compatibility

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If you have any questions, we’re more than happy to assist you promptly. We bring trust, technology, and teamwork to create a positive impact together.


Remember, it’s always the right time to plan your IT and digital transformation with us.

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