What are the risks from cyberattacks?

The digital transformation of companies was largely driven due to the restrictive environment of the global health pandemic. On the spur of a moment, many businesses had to shift from working on-site to operating remotely from home. For a lot of companies that embraced the change and took in a direction of investing in company hardware for their employees, cybersecurity became an issue soon after. Distributing laptops and tablets to end-users so that they can perform their everyday tasks could expose your company to substantial risk from cyberattacks. The main reasons for that are the lack of skills, consistent monitoring, and timely servicing of your IT infrastructure by industry experts. Many of those businesses were quick to rush into expensive capital investments. They were unaware of the risks in the cyberspace and the importance of putting their data protection at the forefront.

Common cybersecurity problems

Have you ever suspected that your company data might be at risk? Most organizations do not think about their cybersecurity with seriousness until they experience a targetted cyber-attack or a minor data breach. The reason for this is their inability to invest in more expensive infrastructure and monitoring against cyber threats round the clock. Another problem for companies that rely on traditional devices equipped with anti-malware software is the ever-changing landscape of malicious attacks. These are usually programmed so they can escape most firewall systems if these are not patched and upgraded on a regular basis.

The two most common cybersecurity problems are known in IT as ransomware and malware. They are very easy to pick up from using search browsers by clicking on malicious links to pages. we-IT has a database of thousands of different viruses which are typically made to withstand the protection of known antivirus software.

Experiencing a cybersecurity problem can have a very detrimental effect on the integrity of your company data and the credibility of your activity overall. This is why IT protection should be put at the forefront before investing in expensive infrastructure to deploy your desktop service.

DaaS can be the solution to your cybersecurity problems

Not many people customers know the capabilities of DaaS related to cybersecurity and company data protection. Desktop-as-a-Service is an affordable and highly reliable alternative for companies that are taking their endpoint security with seriousness and readiness to improve. Having a third-party vendor deploy and maintain your desktop service externally means that there is an expert IT team that is looking after your cybersecurity 24/7 and eliminating the worry about potential hacker attempts.

What are the advantages of DaaS in the context of cybersecurity?

Desktop-as-a-Service solves all your problems with your endpoint security. This happens by establishing a centralized system for deploying and managing your desktop applications. Choosing a trusted cloud desktop provider will help you achieve a faster, more secure, and scalable desktop environment overall. The security risk potential has been proven to be much lower with cloud-based services thanks to the larger focus on monitoring and taking the steps necessary to counter malicious attacks. Our data centers are equipped to detect different cyber threats round the clock, leaving your cloud data protected at all times. Another added benefit to cloud desktop service is the freedom companies get with using portable devices for their employees, without exposing their data to cybersecurity risks. Having a managed service provider do the whole data protection process for you guarantees you better peace of mind and improved system security.

For last

As a remote-operating company, you need to be putting your cybersecurity at the forefront in your business plan. Avoiding data breaches as a result of malicious threats is of the highest importance to the active status of your company and your reputation. Choosing a cloud-based service can eliminate your cybersecurity problems and worries quickly and easily!