Once you outsource your IT services to a third-party company, you trust that your data will be in safe hands. The same works for DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Serivice), which is known as a cloud desktop solution, managed by IT specialists and outsourced on a monthly subscription basis.

Managed service providers like we-IT have the responsibility to keep your data safe by monitoring their infrastructure rigorously for potential security breaches and data leaks.

In these next few paragraphs, we will explain what threats in cyberspace are and how Desktop-as-a-Service solves these problems.

What are risks for your business?

If you are in the long list of companies that converted from office-based operations to remote working, then you may have already experienced some of the impact from cybercrime, posing a greater risk to business data now than ever. More of us staying and working from home, puts some security concerns on the forefront. This is largely due to the compromised security management of end devices, which are often laptops or other mobile devices lacking the appropriate configuration and updates. Oftentimes users also connect to the internet via unsecured networks and this puts your company data under bigger threat.

How can you prioritize your data security?

You may be feeling slightly alarmed by the cyber security issues that a lot of companies are experiencing recently, when managing their own hardware and virtual desktop service. Each and every week new malicious threats emerge and sufficient monitoring and management of your data security is needed by companies and IT departments. This often requires costly software installations and licenses as well as specialized support maintenance of your infrastructure. If you truly want to prioritize your data security without having to overspend on capital and operational charges, then DaaS might be the right solution for you. By choosing to move your desktop environment to the cloud, your data will be safely stored on a cloud server, which is managed, monitored and consistently optimized for the needs of your data protection.

How do you know that DaaS is the better alternative?

Compared to traditional on-premise technology, requiring a large amount of effort to set up and a substantial long-term commitment in your investment, DaaS definitely beats its competition by cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the solution. This is definitely not at the expense of your data protection and the security functions that come with a managed cloud desktop service. we-IT is a responsible Desktop-as-a-Service provider that has rigorous monitoring practices in place, which gives customers a greater peace of mind when it comes to their data security. We also maintain our infrastructure up to the highest industry standards, by providing regular system updates, patching, debugging and maintenance support for your end user. All of this puts DaaS in a much better place compared to in-house virtual desktop infrastructure or on-premise technology. On top of that, by choosing a cloud desktop solution you make tracking of lost and stolen company devices possible, which can boost your confidence in your data security management overall.

To sum up

Despite the arguments of how well your data is handled, if you choose DaaS, you will be in a more favourable position. Desktop-as-a-Service is a managed IT solution that is operated by very skilled specialists who have a great deal of experience in recognizing and understanding cyber threats.
By outsourcing your desktop environment, you have zero worries of how secure your company data is. In the cloud your data is in the safe hands of IT experts, who are monitoring and improving your desktop experience round the clock.